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  • leukemia-the-different-types

    Leukemia: The Different Types

    Leukemia occurs due to development of mutations of DNA in the white blood cells. It’s not yet still clear what causes the mutations to grow. These mutations causes the cells to develop and divide too fast than normal to maintain their life. The most common change in DNA in...
  • Boy with Tummy Ache

    What Does Your Child’s Stomach Pain Mean?

    Abdominal pain in children is a typical common issue. About 1 out of 3 kids is taken see to a doctor for abdominal pain when they are at the age 15, however just a few number of these children have a major Abdominal pain problem. Complaints of Abdominal pain...
  • 5268774523_8937edba95_b

    Bronchitis: What You Need To Know

    Bronchitis is a swelling or inflammation of the bronchial tubes, which are the air passages between the nose and the lungs. It is one of the most common diseases that affect the respiratory system. The disease can be categorized into two basic types: Acute and chronic. Acute This refers...
  • new-site-skin-rash

    What Does Your Skin Rash Mean?

    Have you ever experienced skin rashes? If yes, you already know how problematic and painful they can be. But they are not so simple to be ignored. There may be different causes and symptoms related to them. Your skin rash can be one of many types, from scalp psoriasis...