Factors To Consider When Buying An Electric Wheelchair

Choosing the right electric wheelchair is an easy task if one knows what features will be most suitable to one’s needs. This article will discuss the top features to consider when buying an electric powered wheelchair.

Maximum Weight Capacity

This is one of the most important factors to consider. Generally, wheelchairs are designed for a maximum weight of 300 pounds. If one’s weight is close to that limit, it is best to buy an electric wheelchair that can support more weight. An example is the Pride Mobility electric wheelchair, model number 1650. It can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 650 pounds.


Dimensions are the best indicator to use when determining if the chair will be comfortable to use. The chair should be large enough to accommodate one’s body. If one has a larger body size, then one should look for a chair with a greater seat width. Another factor to take into consideration is the door width at home. Even though most wheelchairs are designed to fit most doors, it is always safer to check whether wheelchair’s width will fit in all the doors at home.


This is an important factor if the power wheelchair is to be used to travel for long distances. The rear wheel drives provide greater speeds than the front wheel drives. The rear wheel drive can provide speeds of up to 8.5 mph. The Sunrise Medical power wheelchair is a good example of a rear-wheel-drive wheelchair.

Turning Radius

The amount of space around the wheelchair to make a 360-degree complete turn is referred to as the Turning Radius. The factors that affect this feature include the frame size, the seat size, and the footrest type and its suspension angle. If you need to maneuver around tight spaces, the mid-wheel drive wheelchair is the best one to buy. The mid-wheel drive wheelchairs have a shorter turning radius of about 25 inches as compared to the rear-wheel drive wheelchairs that have a radius of up to 45 inches.


Portable wheelchairs are the best for individuals who travel a lot. They may also be more convenient even for those who do not move around a lot. They are always convenient for those times that they may need to transport them in a car. The Invacare Nutron model number R51  folds easily for easy transportation. The Pride Mobility wheel Chair is designed to be easily disassembled and re-assembled for easy transportation.

Adjustable wheelchairs

Different wheelchairs have features that allow one to tilt, recline and elevate one’s seating position. These features provide improved comfort. The electric wheelchairs that provide these features include the Permobil HD3 Corpus and Pride Mobility.

Other wheelchairs offer the ability for the user to be supported both in a seating and standing position. These features offer both physiological and psychological benefits such as prevention of pressure sores, strengthening of the blood circulation system, and a fulfilling lifestyle.


The position of the wheels has certain benefits that one should take into consideration. While rear-wheel drive wheelchairs have greater speeds, mid-wheel drive wheelchairs are highly maneuverable. Front-wheel drive wheelchairs are excellent in the way they handle uneven terrains.

Their shortcoming is that they are the slowest of the three types of wheel-drives. The caster wheel s affects how the wheelchair will handle terrain. The small castor wheels are very poor in handling uneven terrains while bigger ones perform better. Another important factor to consider is whether the wheels are air-filled (pneumatic) or solid. The solid wheels need little maintenance but they are less comfortable when moving on a bumpy surface. The air-filled wheels offer more comfort but they have to be maintained and can get punctured.

No matter what kind of wheelchair you choose, there are immense benefits for the one who will be using it. For more information on what is best suitable for any particular need, please contact a local specialist.

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Posted on May 22, 2023