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Translator Apps for Your Next Vacation

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When traveling to a foreign country, it is always helpful to know a few key phrases to make getting around and interacting with locals that much easier. With these language-centered apps for your phone, you won’t have the need for a translator. Or, if you have the time, you can even learn basic conversational phrases before you go. Check out these six language apps before heading out on your next vacation abroad.

  1. Languages

    An offline translation and learning app for language is critical in areas with bad reception. The Languages app for the iPhone is $2.99 and packs several features for the price. Over 12 language dictionaries are included with immediate translation offline. Definitions are highly detailed and include an index feature for quick word searches.

  2. Tourist Language Learn & Speak

    Android users can use this feature-rich application free of charge to learn key phrases as well as understand the proper way to engage in conversation in a foreign country. Some language applications lack direction on informing the user of regional common courtesy. This app takes charge of that with integrated useful phrases and a small talk generator to avoid those awkward moments.

  3. Duolingo

    Learning a language prior to departure can be fun with this app of the year for 2013. A free account is set up to practice various language learning skills. Brush up on basic categories such as phrases and conversation. Each level unlocks a new one to learn more difficult exercises and pronunciation techniques. Translation exercises can also reverse translation to learn phrases back and forth between native speaking.

  4. myLanguage

    Learning the dialect of specific languages is one of the most difficult tasks in traveling abroad. The app myLanguage feature a suit of translation tricks to engage regional dialects. Over 59 languages are supported with pronunciation tips. The myLanguage Translator app comes in a basic and Pro version. The Pro version adds text-to-speech capabilities.

  5. Vocre

    Imagine having a personal language coach to guide you through speaking and translating language properly. Vocre achieves this by engaging with the user in bilingual fashion through recording. Vocre will hear your speech and translate by speaking it aloud or writing it out. This app is highly useful in situations such as ordering food or learning how native phrases compare against a foreign language. Simply speak into the phone and the app engine uses advanced learning technology for converting speech to text and back.

  6. Translate Professional

    Translate Professional is a free app for the iPhone that can accomplish several tasks. Over 18 languages are represented and can be pronounced using generated dialects for understanding. The app itself is free. However, each voice will need to be purchased as a separate download. Translation is simple and requires a simple typing of a word for the search. Phrases and regional slang are categorized by common categories such as weights and measures or travel items. One of the handiest features of this app is the ability to immediately play back the regional voice after a language search to learn dialects.


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Posted on February 21, 2017


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