3 Best Online Storage Services for Photos and Personal Files

Online storage sites become more and more popular as we accumulate more personal, work, and financial data on our personal computers. The invention and popularity of digital cameras mean that we often have a large amount of unprinted digital photos on our hard drive that we want to avoid losing by using an online backup service. Having an online backup of our files and photos at an external site that is completely safe has become very important because the possibility of losing all your personal data is too difficult to handle. Online storage sites do just that; they provide an entirely secure site for all your electronic files, so even if your home is destroyed, you will still have access to those precious documents. Much competition has sprung up regarding online storage and online backup services. However, several online backup services have definitely risen to the forefront as the best online storage services available, and each one offers something different and is worth checking out.


This site offers an impressive 2MB of secure, encrypted free online storage to their users. Unlimited online storage is also available for a small monthly fee. Mozy also offers a Pro version for businesses. In fact, Mozy is such a great program that you can preset backup times and dates and just let Mozy do all the work for you. It does require downloading the Mozy software onto your computer, but it is definitely one of the best online storage services out there.


This website is completely free of charge for the first 15 days and offers unlimited and free online storage. However, there are limitations on the size of files you can store on the platform. It continuously and automatically backs up new data on your PC. The data is then encrypted and stored at their remote backup center. Others can also access your files if you allow them access to your data. More enhanced versions have fees, but the basic Carbonite service is a lifesaver and one of the best online storage services available.

Source: Thinkstock/vladru

Source: Thinkstock/vladru


Box.net is an online storage site that specializes in offering freedom of access and easy manipulation of files from anywhere. Only 1 MB of information can be stored free of charge and after that, there are multiple levels of pricing. The flexibility in the use and manipulation of your online documents is what makes Box stand out amongst other companies of its type.


This storage site has a unique feature that other similar services do not; you can use your account on multiple computers, and this online backup site does everything automatically and simultaneously. Whenever you use Dropbox to update a file, your Dropbox gets updated on each device you use to sync your data. This is one of the easiest and best online storage services to use

Advantages of Online Storage

Even if someone were to steal your computer, you would have the reassurance that you have all your data backed up, which you can transfer to a new computer. Obviously, data encryption is also highly recommended.

Online storage services are also a valuable tool for businesses. For example, you may have your own business and want to make sure that all your employees are backing up their laptops so that if and when a laptop gets lost, you can restore its content and continue business as usual.

Having an online backup of your data gives you peace of mind. If anything was to happen to your home or work computer, knowing your files are backed up makes things so much easier.

Another major benefit of online backup services is the fact that you can securely access your files from any computer with an internet connection using your personal login credentials, which can come in handy in many situations.  All you need to do is log into your account and access the files online from any computer.

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Posted on May 22, 2023