What Does Your Child’s Stomach Pain Mean?

Abdominal pain in children is a typical common issue. About 1 out of 3 kids is taken see to a doctor for abdominal pain when they are at the age 15, however just a few number of these children have a major Abdominal pain problem.

Complaints of Abdominal pain are more regular in children who are below the age 11 years and are thus this is frequently brought about by food poison or infections. In Most instances Abdominal pain or stomach pan in children is not that serious and home treatment is all that is needed to alleviate the distress or simply to help relieve the discomfort.

Abdominal pain in children is frequently alarming, frustrating and terrifying for parents. Ordinarily it is not easy to find the exact cause of a defined reason as to why the child is experiencing stomach pains. Abdominal pain without other different symptoms that goes away totally under 3 hours is generally not that serious.

Symptoms of Abdominal Pain in Children

Stomach or abdominal pain can come in different form. The stomach agony may begin all of a sudden (acute pain) or persevere for quite a long time (chronic pain) hence the child may portray the pain as dull or sharp, thus the pain may be situated in the upper or lower abdomen.

In children, stomach agony may be identified with damage to the abdomen or an ailment, for example, an irritated stomach, ear infection, a urinary tract disease and strep throat. Constipation is another typical reason for stomach pains in children. Some more genuine causes of abdominal pain in children incorporate an infected appendix, lead poisoning, or issues with the intestines, for example, intussusceptions or malrotation hence are clues that can help a doctor determine what is causing abdominal pain in your child.

Causes of Abdominal Pain in Children 

Poisoning: This can extend from basic issues, (for example, eating cleanser) to more significant issues like gulping botulism from spoiled food, iron pills, magnets, coins, an overdose of pharmaceuticals, (for example, acetaminophen poisoning).

Surgical issues: These incorporate an infected appendix or blockage of the guts.

Medical reasons: Things outside the abdomen can bring about stomach pains. For instance, a child can have stomach pains from diabetes problem or from a black widow spider bite.

Infections such as Viruses or microbes can bring about stomach pains, regularly from stomach influenza or gut influenza (called gastroenteritis). Viral diseases have a tendency to go away rapidly, while bacterial contamination may require an anti-microbial to improve.

Food-related such as food poisoning (which has side effects like those of stomach/gut influenza), food hypersensitivities, excessive eating, or gas creation – any of these can bring about bloating. Typically the onset is fast after eating.

Treatment of Abdominal Pain in Children

More often than not, you can utilize home care remedies and sit tight for your child to improve. In the event that you are concerned or your child’s abdominal pain is deteriorating, or the pain lasts longer than 24 hours, then it’s time to seek medical attention.

Have your child lie unobtrusively to check whether the stomach pain goes away while offering sips of water or other clear fluids. Suggest that your child attempt to pass stool at the same time avoiding strong food aspirins and other medications for a couple of hours.

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Posted on May 22, 2023