Credit Cards That Cost You Nothing: Here’s The Top 3

So you need to find a credit card with 0% apr and no annual fee. Impossible right? Wrong! There are actually quite a few credit cards available with low apr and no fees! You think it seems too good to be true? We’re here to prove you wrong!

There are numerous credit cards geared towards students and small business owners that are hustle-free and are deemed best for borrowing.  To reap the best benefits, you have to pay your balance each month to prevent getting finance charges and other fees. You also have to use the cards in a smart way in order to earn the most rewards. The following are the zero percent credit cards we deemed best for carrying a balance:

1. Simplest: Digital Credit Union Visa Platinum

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This credit card is the easiest to get but does a good job of getting you on your way to building your credit. To get one you need to open a savings account with at least a $5 minimum deposit and become a member of an affiliated nonprofit organization. It is a good card to card to have especially if you have a balance.


  • No balance transfer fee
  • It has an APR of between 8.5% and 18%
  • No annual fee

Advantage over other cards: You can transfer the balance from other cards for free. Unlike other cards, this card offers a borrowing rate of 8.5% which is way below the industry average of 18%.

2. Best For Balance Transfers: Chase Slate

If the interest rate you are getting charged for carrying a balance is getting out of hand, the Chase Slate card is the best card to have as you do not get charged any APR during the introductory month giving you a grace period of 15 months to pay off your debts. You should be quick to pay off your debt in that period as the APR rises to 23%.


  • 0% APR on any purchases and balance transfer for the first 15 months then 13% to 23% afterwards
  • There is no annual fee
  • There is also no balance transfer fee in the first 2 months after signup, so it is best to do all your balance transfer during this period


  • This card is best if you have a large balance that you would like to pay off and are tired of paying high-interest rates on it
  • It’s free to transfer the balance in the first two months of sign up and you get a grace period of 15 months with no interest charged
  • There is zero annual fee and you do not get charged any penalties for missing a payment

3. The Best Card For Large Transactions: Citi Simplicity

zero percent credit card; citi simplicity, no annual fees credit card


If you are looking to make a large purchase and pay it off before interest kicks in this is the best credit card for you.

  • There is no annual fee
  • You have 21 months to pay off your balance before interest kicks in
  • The interest afterwards is 13% to 23%

Advantages: The 21 months of carrying a balance without paying any finance is the best you will get. You also won’t be penalized for late payments.

Disadvantage: Among the three cards listed this is the only card that will charge you for balance transfer-3% or $5, whichever is greater. Stick to this Card if you intend on making that large purchase but not if you want make any balance transfers.

So if you are in the market for a new credit card or visa credit card, check these 3 low interest, no annual fee credit cards and see your savings multiply!

Sourced from: Time

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Posted on May 22, 2023