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    3 Best Online Storage Services for Photos and Personal Files

    Online storage sites become more and more popular as we accumulate more personal, work, and financial data on our personal computers. The invention and popularity of digital cameras mean that we often have a large amount of unprinted digital photos on our hard drive that we want to avoid...
  • Father and son playing games on mobile phone

    The Top 15 Free Mobile Games 2016

      A mobile game basically refers to a video game that’s played on a smartphone, smartwatch, PDA, feature phone, tablet computer, calculator or portable media player. As Android tablets and phones increase in popularity, the number of applications available for the platform has also rocketed. As a result, you...
  • electric-wheelchair

    Factors To Consider When Buying An Electric Wheelchair

    Choosing the right electric wheelchair is an easy task if one knows what features will be most suitable to one’s needs. This article will discuss the top features to consider when buying an electric powered wheelchair. Maximum Weight Capacity This is one of the most important factors to consider....
  • new-site-online-dating (Copy)

    The Five Best Online Dating Sites

    Online dating can turn out to be an amazing experience. You need to get the picture that not everyone online is a fraud, and there are actually genuine and honest human beings out there. Thousands of dating sites exist but how can you find the right one? The world...
  • Woman Chatting On Laptop

    Before Online Dating There Was Video Dating

    Long before anyone could have imagined anything close to Tinder, Meetme, Tickr and, the only way people could find a possible match in the ’80s was through video dating. There was nothing like online dating, but agencies offering video dating services. These agencies could review the description of...
  • new-site-smartphone-plan

    Find The Best Cell Phone Plan For You

    About a decade ago, choosing a favorable mobile phone plan was not the daunting task it is today. Just considering the main factors such as price, the number of minutes of talk time you required and the call reception quality were enough. However, there are just a heap of...
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