10 Best 7 Passenger Family SUVs

Not everyone requires a 7 passenger family SUV but if you and your family do, you need to check out this list. We’ve covered models such as the Toyota Highlander and the Ford Explorer. This list has some of the most reliable, and luxurious 7 passenger family SUVs on the market. 

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Given the fact that 3-row SUVs mostly deliver extra cargo space as compared to their 5-passenger equivalents, these vehicles can also offer practical advantages for people who need to sporadically haul around the hefty loads of gear. In addition, SUVs with a third row seating usually come from several varying walks of life, beginning with the affordable transporters and then ranges all way up to the high end luxurious trucks. 

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Source: edmunds.com

We have put together a comprehensive list of the most affordable SUVs with a 3rd row seating which touches on every aspect of these extremely important points. Here are the 10 most affordable 3 row vehicles.


Posted on May 22, 2023