Compare Reviews for Top Cruise Lines

Cruising can be an inexpensive way to visit multiple destinations around the world. Every ship travels from port to port, without the hassle and discomfort of airline travel. They also offer excursion options for vacationers who can take tours and see the sights of their port destinations safely and easily.

The cruise line you choose will depend on the type of vacation you are taking. Many cruises are family friendly, while others cater to an adults-only crowd. Since cruises are all inclusive and the price per night is usually less than many hotel accommodations, it is hard to beat the value of a cruise vacation. If you are looking for a truly luxurious and cost effective vacation, these three cruise lines can definitely deliver.

Best Cruise Lines for Couples

Silversea Cruises’ small ships woo couples wanting an intimate cruising experience. Twosomes can sign up for romantic excursions (think: private guided tours and food and wine experiences) or stay on board for one-on-one time at the spa or piano bar. Personal butlers can assist with other services, such as breakfast in bed and scented baths.

Best Cruise Lines for Families

Does it get more kid-friendly than Disney? From its signature Sail-Away Celebration to its pirate-themed dinners and nighttime fireworks, Disney earns a nod of approval from passengers for its roster full of entertainment. Disney characters can be found on board engaging with children, and the line’s ships also offer adults-only dining areas.

Best Cruise Lines for the Money

Norwegian is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the cruise world, upgrading its fleet and offering affordable itineraries. What’s more, Norwegian ditches steadfast cruise rules like dress codes and assigned dining times, following the lead of many luxury cruise lines, meaning you’ll get to enjoy a relaxed yet upscale experience at a fraction of the price.

Best Luxury Cruise Lines

Smaller ships (with verandas in every cabin) and destination-focused itineraries are a couple of things that set Viking Ocean Cruises apart from other lines. Viking’s emphasis on cultural enrichment means you can expect riveting performances and informative wine tastings on board, as well as shore excursions like museum visits or architecture tours.

A cruise line is a fantastic way to see more of this beautiful continent while traveling in luxury and style. If you are interested in a stress-free way to explore various cities, check out one of these exciting options. These top four cruise lines are sure to please.

Posted on May 22, 2023