Tips On Using Concealer

The right concealer can be your secret weapon. The best makeup concealers work undercover without anyone noticing them. Some work better than others for certain things you may want to cover up, from redness and under-eye circles to pimples or scars. Today let me share with you some beauty tips on how to use concealer.

How to Choose the Best Concealer?

There are a few tips and tricks to consider when buying your concealer. If you follow this recipe, you will generally be perfectly fine.

Go for a shade that is about a shade lighter than what you use for foundation. If you have blue or purple regions under the eyes, go for a pink, orange or peach toned concealer. If you have red blemishes, pick up a yellow toned concealer. If you have a darker skin tone, an orange tint is your best bet. Green concealer should be used first over a pimple, followed by the yellow skin tone. Skin tone concealer should be used on the chest in a liquid form, covered with a translucent powder to set in place. This prevents it from wearing off. Yellow toned concealers correct most all uneven skin tones. Purple bases are to be used for sallow skin, effectively brightening it up and acting more like a highlighter than a concealer there.

Concealers for Shadowy Area Around Your Eyes.

To erase dark circles around your eyes and shadowy areas on your face—use light weight brightening, light reflective concealer instead of heavy creamy one. These concealers can do miracles, erasing darkness and puffiness around your eyes, because not only they are very light weight, but also, they slightly reflect the light, illuminating shadowy areas without getting stuck into any fine lines that you might have. You can also use these concealers or illuminators around your nose or anywhere else where you have shadowy areas.

When applying under eyes concealer, look straight into the mirror and apply it right on the dark areas under your eyes, and blend; don’t put it on light areas of your face. Don’t use too light concealer under your eyes, because it can look almost as bad, as having dark circles.

Can Concealers Be Used All Over the Face?

The short answer is both yes and no. If you have perfect skin and there is some area that you need to work on, concealer is exactly what you need. Just apply a tiny spot of concealer there and blend the edges well to make that transition invisible. If you want to cover all the face with concealer, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

Concealer features thick formula, so if you use it instead of foundation for a long time, it may clog pores. But if you really need that thick coverage no matter what, make sure to use face primer first. It will not allow concealer get deep into the pores.

As a rule, concealer is pricier, than foundation, so such approach to makeup is likely to break the bank.

If you want to use concealer all over the face, you will likely need more than 1 color not to look flat. Use the lighter color under eyes, and darker shade for the rest of the face. If you are into contouring, you may get the third color that is darker than your skin to apply under cheek bones for that finely sculptured look.

John Brook

Posted on May 22, 2023