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    Symptoms and Signs of Cancer

    Cancer is a group of diseases that manifest themselves in a variety of ways. As cancer grows, it will begin to put pressure on certain nerves, blood vessels, and organs. As a result of this constant pressure, signs and symptoms will begin to present themselves.  How the signs and symptoms...
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    16 Scary Signs You Have A Tumor Growing

    Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and it manifests itself in many forms in virtually every part of the human body. Often, the specific cause of cancer is unknown and attributed to some combination of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. But there is good news!...
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    Aspirin Can Lower The Risk Of Some Cancers: Here’s How

    Your entire body is made up of cells, which make up the tissues in your body, which a make up your organs. Your organs allow for your body to function and are responsible for various body processes that are necessary for living. Sometimes, however, your cells undergo uncontrolled growth...
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    Early Signs Of Lung Cancer

    Cancer is described as the malignant growth of cells in the body. Cells in a tissue or organ grow uncontrollably and attack other cells forming a tumor. Lung cancer affects the lungs and is considered to be top killer among cancer diseases. Statistics have shown that those diagnosed with...
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    Lung Cancer Survival Rates And Life Expectancy

    Lung cancer is cancer that begins in the lungs. The lungs are located in the chest and are responsible for taking in oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, when cancer grows in these organs, it is a very serious disease. In fact, lung cancer is the leading cause of...
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    Lung Cancer Treatment Options

    Lung cancer is a type of disease that starts in the small tissue of the lung. In many cases, it begins by forming in cells that are lining a person’s air passages. Lung cancer comes in two different forms known as small and non-small cell. In order to diagnose...