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  • can-you-remember-these-ugly-90s-cars

    Can You Remember These Ugly 90’s Cars?

    Let us be very honest: Many of the car designs throughout the 90’s were plain, even bordering on mundane. These cars had no special designs compared to those released in 2000’s.¬†Undeniably, there is no exact comparison between these cars and the latest cars since many people would not even...
  • can-you-trust-self-driving-cars

    Can You Trust Self Driving Cars?

    While the topic of the day at the just concluded 2016 Consumer Electronics Show were autonomous cars, you may be forgiven for thinking they will be launched for public use next year. That is highly unlikely if not improbable. Even as production vehicles promise to produce more reliable semi-autonomous...
  • 5-previously-expensive-cars-you-can-now-buy-for-less-than-20000

    5 Previously Expensive Cars You Can Now Buy for Less Than $20,000

    Many people often do not know about the previously expensive cars you can now buy for less than $20,000 when making their choices. When you have an idea of the type of car that you would need to buy, you will always find ways of saving money during your...
  • do-diesel-cars-still-have-a-future-in-america

    Do Diesel Cars Still Have a Future in America?

    Being a big proponent to diesel engine cars made me convert my truck from a gas engine to a diesel engine. I have also been able to steer quite a number of my friends to also buy diesel engines. Although these diesel engines are very efficient, and they have...
  • saving-money-car-rental-featured

    Tips for Saving Money on a Car Rental

    Whether you’re going on a vacation or doing some traveling for business purposes, car rentals are a common method of transportation. However, it can be difficult to deal with the expenses of car rentals. When you factor in the costs of fueling the car and the extra fees that...
  • Carsharing-vs-Car-Rentals-featured

    Carsharing vs Car Rentals

    One of the great things about American ingenuity is that wherever there is a need, someone will come up with an idea to meet that need. Such is the case with car-sharing. For decades now, there have been aspects of car renting that have caused many consumers to avoid...