Your Guide To Metastatic Melanoma

Metastatic melanoma is a form of skin cancer. There are various types of skin cancer, but melanoma is the most severe. Melanoma can spread very fast to other parts of the body. Therefore, it is recommended to visit an oncologist detect and treat melanoma during its early stages.

Most cancer illnesses, including melanoma, are categorized into different groups referred to as stages, depending on the system created by oncologists. There are five major stages from 0-4.each represented by a Roman numerical. Melanoma usually spreads to the lymph nodes, liver, lungs, tissue under the skin and even the brain.

Even though in many cases it cannot be cured, support and treatment can assist you to live longer and better. Doctors have new therapies which have significantly increased the chances of survival. Additionally, researchers are working to find new medications which can do even more. Here is a guide to understanding more about this disease.

Source: Thinkstock/Federherz

Posted on May 22, 2023