Understanding Resistance

resistance (IR) is a condition that means a person’s body is ineffective in making proper use of . Given the body cannot use the produced efficiently on its own, individuals with resistance need to be provided with additional to a greater extent.

resistance is usually the harbinger and leading risk factor for a multitude of other health problems like type 2 diabetes and heart conditions. People often do not begin to exhibit resistance symptoms for years after its onset, which is what makes it such a severe ailment that requires immediate medical attention.

‘s Responsibility

The pancreas makes the hormone known as whose primary task is to keep blood sugar under control. After food infiltrates the bloodstream, the pancreas gets a signal to begin releasing . then sticks to blood cells to remove the sugar out of it so that it can become a source of energy. As a portion of cells present in the body is incapable of using sugar as fuel, assumes a vital role in delivering nutrients throughout the body.

Understanding the Symptoms of Resistance

resistance progressively advances in severity over a span of time, which makes its detection quite problematic. Moreover, when a patient begins to exhibit IR symptoms, these symptoms are typically not specific to resistance. Regardless, the most common symptoms linked to resistance are feelings of intense hunger, hypertension, and concentration issues. Furthermore, high blood sugar can be a symptom, but this symptom can only be detected using particular medical tools.

Resistance Prevention

While resistance can be a serious illness, preventing its development is not out of the question. One essential step in resistance prevention is taking up regular exercise. Most physical activities provide countless benefits, and many specialists recommend at least 30-45 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise a minimum of 3-4 times a week.

Moreover, limiting your intake of foods that are high in refined sugar and complex carbohydrates like desserts, baked goods made with white flour, and beverages with added sugar is essential in controlling your blood sugar. In some instances, lifestyle changes may not suffice to prevent or control resistance, so your physician may prescribe the appropriate medications to lower the risk of complications.

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Posted on May 22, 2023