Top 5 Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is very useful as your whole company can use it at all times conveniently by easily managing the Amazon Management Console. Though you will need more useful codes to find out how to use the whole app, Amazon Web Services is here to stay for a long time. In fact, Amazon Web Services is the most popular hybrid cloud solution out there, which speaks volumes about its quality. You can also scale it up and down whenever you have to meet seasonal global needs.

hybrid cloud storage solutions, hybrid cloud

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Box is a very easy-to-use hybrid cloud service where you can find a wide range of apps as well as a rich feature set whenever you need it. In addition, Box is very well designed for any kind of collaboration out there. You will also have a huge free storage allotment, which is very generous. Though Box doesn’t have many collaboration features that its competitors have in store, this hybrid cloud storage has passed the test of time. In fact, this storage and syncing tool is highly customizable as well as easy to use too.


Dropbox offers the effortless file synchronization that you’ve been searching for, and it has apps for almost every operating system out there. In fact, Dropbox has a tight OS integration that you will adore right away. With dependable services, file-sharing support, and outstanding customer service, Dropbox is definitely here to stay for a long, long time as well. Additionally, you will see the history of your actions at all times along with having access to any deleted files that you might have. Though a little bit expensive, Dropbox is simple to use and reliable, so it is really difficult to find something negative say about this lifesaver.

hybrid cloud storage solutions, hybrid cloud

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JustCloud is very easy to set up. Not only that but JustCloud also offers both file syncing and cloud backup in the same service, which is amazing. Even though JustCloud’s offerings tend to be a little bit obscure, this hybrid cloud storage solution has many cool things in store for you. The problem with this service seems to be the “unlimited” things it offers, so many of its clients just get confused when things go wrong. But because JustCloud has tons of perks, a lot of people use this service today.

hybrid cloud storage solutions, hybrid cloud

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OneDrive offers a clear user interface and is compatible with almost every OS out there from iOS to Android. In fact, you can use OneDrive to fetch any kind of file you can think of from a PC. OneDrive is also an outstanding app when it comes to photo-heavy presentations as it has tagging and slideshow capabilities as well. Though storage offerings are just shrinking, OneDrive is truly here to stay. This is the default syncing service and online storage for Office 365 and Windows 10. It also offers a wide range of features and has more apps per platform than its competitors.

As you can see, all four of these hybrid cloud storage solutions offer a myriad of amazing features. AWS is by far the most popular cloud service out there and its pay-as-you-go feature is just very neat. With a wide array of apps and outstanding, timely customer support, AWS is here to stay. In Box, you will find a lot of useful apps with a great feature that will make your life easier in no time. JustCloud is very easy to set up and use, though its “unlimited” feature annoys a lot of its clients down the road. OneDrive has more apps for different OS than its competitors.

hybrid cloud storage solutions, hybrid cloud

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So, what are you waiting for? Start using one of these cloud services and enhance your life for the better right away. And these hybrid cloud storage solutions are just amazing and the best of the best.

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Posted on May 22, 2023