The 3 Best Beginner Softwares for Editing YouTube Videos

As you all know, YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, offering user submitted videos in a myriad of categories. YouTube is also very popular as many users around the globe can share their videos and even choose to make money from them, depending on what their platform is about. However, the main aim for people around the globe who upload their videos is to share them with other users and friends who mostly like to watch clear and high-quality videos. This has driven many YouTubers to search for good websites for editing YouTube videos. While there is no particular good website for editing YouTube videos, there are several good software that can be easily used by novice and expert YouTubers to improve the quality of their videos.

1. Adobe Premiere Elements 11

With an easy interface and a more professional design, this software offers a very professional output to a beginner and allows them to easily work on their videos. This software has a slow motion and speeding option which is very vital when editing your videos. Adobe Premiere also allows the users to instantly upload and share their videos after editing them. Installing this program is also very simple since it is designed in a very similar way as other Adobe products. This means that you can install it within a few minutes and start your work immediately. However, some of the features of this program may be a bit difficult to use for beginners even though the product has a simple interface. Further, there are very few updates for this product, and therefore, it might be a bit lacking if you are planning to edit YouTube videos for a long period of time.

2. AVS Video Editor

This program has been seen as the favorite YouTube video editing software by many users since it is very simple to install and use. The functions included in this program are very favorable to newbies as there are a variety of unlimited features to choose from, hence you can use a lot of different features with very little knowledge on video editing. This software is also the most recommended for beginners as it is constantly updated to be made simpler. The software also uses the drop and drag methods of putting an effect on a video and also supports every video format available. However, it does a while to edit a single video.

3. Filmora Video Editor

As far as video editing is concerned, this software is made to be very user-friendly, depending on their level of experience in YouTube video editing. The program is, therefore, available in two modes, standard and advanced mode. The standard model is very simplified to enable the user to easily use it. This makes the standard mode perfect for use by a newbie in the world of YouTube video editing. The advanced mode, on the other hand, offers more professional features but requires a person to at least have a certain level of experience in video editing before they can effectively take advantage of it.

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Posted on May 22, 2023