Pulmonary Fibrosis Management

pulmonary fibrosis management

Pulmonary fibrosis is a treatable but incurable condition. The goal of standard treatments for pulmonary fibrosis entails impeding the progression of the disease and easing symptoms. Pulmonary Fibrosis management allows patients to live as normally and healthily as possible.

Pulmonary Fibrosis Management


The use of medications in pulmonary fibrosis management relies on the individual case of disease. Ultimately, your primary physician is the one who devises the most appropriate medication protocol for you.

There are FDA-sanctioned medications used for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis such as and pirfenidone. There are also various medications that your physician may prescribe you to address other symptoms such as GERD (acid reflux), inflammation, and coughing/breathing problems.

O2 Therapy

Oxygen therapy, or supplemental oxygen, may be recommended in cases where PF inhibits the circulation of ideal oxygen levels in the bloodstream. This form of therapy alleviates breathing difficulties, making physical activity possible.


Rehabilitation programs for pulmonary fibrosis involve providing patients with in-depth knowledge about their condition. Rehab also offers management support, such as exercises and counselling.


Upon timely diagnosis, if a patient is deemed to be a good candidate, a lung transplant may be recommended. Although a lung transplant comes with a few risks, if the patient is a good fit, it is a long-term management approach.

Clinical Trials

Ongoing clinical trials aim to get a better understanding of pulmonary fibrosis. Some of them aim to maximize the efficacy of current treatment options. By participating in a clinical study, you may get to try out the most advanced therapy options.


A standard medical treatment plan only goes so far in pulmonary fibrosis management. Adopting a healthy, balanced diet, being physically active, coping with stress, and keeping your lungs in good shape are all important parts of a sound treatment plan.

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Posted on May 22, 2023