Food to Eat for Breast Cancer

A study of more than 91,000 women found that following a diet comprising mainly plants could cut the risk of developing breast cancer by 15 percent. The Ida & Joseph Friend Cancer Center recommend between 8 and 10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Along with their other benefits, fruits and vegetables are rich in flavonoids and carotenoids, which are linked to a host of medical benefits. Studies have found the following fruits and vegetables to be good for preventing breast cancer:
Broccoli contains the linamarase gene, which when present inside cancer cells, can break down into cyanide and effectively kill tumorous cells. According to the Cancer Cure Foundation, a chemical component called indole-3-carbinol is also present that may combat breast cancer by converting a cancer-promoting estrogen into a more protective variety.
Part of the allium vegetable family, onion is known for its distinctive taste and aroma. There may be a connection between increased intake of onion and other allium vegetables, such as garlic, and a reduction in the growth of breast cancer cells.
Researchers in one 2018 study analyzed the effects of onions and other allium vegetables on breast cancer cells. They found a positive effect on both estrogen-dependent and estrogen-independent breast cancer.
Carrots are rich in carotenoids which is benefit to control cancer cells. Try incorporating carrots into your diet as a healthy snack or delicious side dish just a few times per week to increase your intake and potentially reduce your risk of cancer.
Apples are a source of pectin, which increases the feeling of fullness. Part of a complete diet, apples can reduce your calorie intake, helping reduce the risk of obesity, a major risk factor in breast cancer. Tips: Studies have shown the majority of nutrition as well as 75% of the apple’s fiber is in it’s peel, not it’s juicy sweet inside, so don’t skip the peels!
Others wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables for preventing breast cancer: dark, green, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, eggplant, citrus fruit, kale, pears, peaches and strawberries.
Being physically active is as important as eating healthful food for breast cancer prevention. The National Cancer Institute report that women who exercise for 4 hours per week or longer have a lower risk of breast cancer.

Posted on May 22, 2023