Changing to a Cloud System? Here’s How

Imagine your workplace is on fire. All of you have made it out to the evacuation point, and you all stand there as you helplessly watch all of your hard-drives crumble. Okay, we’re sorry for filling you with that horrible image.

But it could definitely happen because no-one can predict the future. That’s why so many businesses have moved to hybrid cloud computing systems. It is very rapidly becoming one of the most innovative means of technology, and it is being updated constantly, so you’re definitely going to want to get in on it, or you’ll get left behind. If you’re having a bit of trouble convincing your IT department, your boss, or even yourself to finally make the switch, read on and get on board!

Here are some steps to help you get on your way to changing over to a cloud system.

1. Resources

One of your IT department’s struggles with the move to cloud could be that they don’t have the resources or the tools to do so. The term resources encompasses a number of things – time, and money are the two biggest ones, of course. In a business that is constantly running, when do they have the time, and the money to update an entire system without disrupting the workflow? It’s a tricky question to answer, but it can absolutely be done.

So, maybe it’s about time to give your boss a bit of a pep talk, and convince him to give more funding to the IT department. In this digital age, computers and the professionals that work with them are really important, so we’ve got to make sure they’re well looked after – and that your files are looked after. Imagine all the space you’ll have left once you go digital! The possibilities are endless. All of this could cost a lot, so don’t forget to keep that in mind once you’re starting to make the transition from paper to the digital wonders of the hybrid cloud system. The best time to make these kinds of transitions is after hours so as not to disturb anything important, and after hour work costs more so also keep this in mind. But remember, that despite the one off big cost, it is totally worth it in the long run.

2. Training and Strategy

Another struggle might be the lack of training the department receives in terms of hybrid cloud systems. Everybody knows at least one IT person, and we think a lot of people forget that even though techies are geniuses they are not mind readers. Naturally, it’s going to take a lot more than downloading some instructions.

A lot of the people don’t have the training to implement the move to the cloud system, so that’s something that should be looked into. Due to the lack of training, a lot of people confessed they don’t have a strategy for the move to the cloud system, and this could be where they’ve fallen short. Training and strategy are important assets in moving forward with the brand new transition to a cloud system. Take a week and bring someone in to train your IT staff thoroughly on the system, again it will be a big one off cost but they are then fully equipped to handle any and all situations they may face in the setup or aftermath.

3. The Transition

The big scary ‘T’ word: Transition. It’s a difficult one. It’s a huge balancing act, and your IT people really need to know exactly what they’re capable of. Moving to the cloud requires a lot more managing of the department, and a lot more training. Once your own IT department is trained, you can get the more experienced members of the IT department to run a tutorial for less tech savvy colleagues to get everyone up to speed. It will cut costs quite a bit.

It would also mean that current employers would have something extra to add to their day. And everybody loves something new. The transition to the cloud hybrid phone system, and the cloud storage system could be a huge deal for inter-system collaboration to provide the very best in whichever industry you work. The move to the cloud is a costly one, but it is definitely a worthwhile one – but it should be kept in mind just how much is spent on that move. If you take into account these things like costs, training, strategy, and resources, you could make the move to the cloud a lot easier for yourself, and for your business. It is simply a matter of getting started, and once you do, you won’t look back!

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Posted on May 22, 2023