Best Hot New Midsize Trucks

Nowadays, with manufacturers’ revolutionizing their trucks to include all the finest amenities that normal cars maintain, the utilitarian truck has now been poised to appeal to a much wider audience. Many crave the utility of a truck coupled with the defining features of their own cars: leather interiors, superior stereo systems, better fuel efficiency, bluetooth and the like. Some love everything a truck stands for, but struggle to part with the idea of trading in their normal-sized car for a jumbo truck. That’s why Americans love the midsize pickup truck – because they pack all the perks of a truck into a more smaller model. The 3 best-selling midsize trailblazers of 2015-2016 are the all-new Chevrolet Colorado, the GMC Canyon, and the Toyota Tacoma. If a new compact or midsize truck is what you’re looking to invest in, we encourage you to consider those 3 top-ranked, best-in-class favorites – but first, make sure to do your homework and ask all the important questions listed below before you make the trip to the dealership!

Posted on May 22, 2023