How To Choose The Best Vehicle GPS Navigation Unit

Do you think GPS vehicle navigation units are a thing of the past? You might be surprised to discover they are actually still very much used today. Generally speaking, as technology continues to advance, GPS units have had no choice but to improve and upgrade their features and quality.

The use of smartphone navigation features not only uses vital data, but it also causes the battery to drain. If you have a GPS navigation unit instead, you will no longer experience the problems smartphone navigation gives. You will also have better accuracy. We will now discuss the factors to think about when it comes to choosing a vehicle GPS navigation unit.


When choosing a vehicle GPS navigation unit, durability this is a major thing to consider. If the unit will be moved around a lot in different vehicles, then it is likely you will drop it. This means that there will be a lot of damage done to it. Whilst a less durability may cost you less, you may have a valuable trade. Particularly if you will not be taking it off your dashboard.


Map accuracy is another thing to keep in mind when selecting a GPS navigation unit. If the GPS offers regular updates, you will know their maps will be accurate. Road changes and locations often occur very quickly. Nobody wants to waste time or gas because their maps are not accurate. High accuracy is a must for all who travel. Not only this, but GPS units need to have map updates that occur regularly. Not all GPS units have this. This means that it will cost more for the extra years years that you use it.


Size is another thing to think about. Most units will come in standard sizes. However, there are some that are very large. The Garmin Nuvi 68LMT is one of the large units available. This unit has a 6.6-inch screen. This makes it ideal for long driving trips. You will not need to strain your eyes in order to read the maps on this screen.

Battery Life

This is a very big thing to look out for in a GPS unit. The unit with the longest battery life is a must if driving long distances regularly. The more features a unit has, the less battery life the unit will have. Always, look for the units that suit your requirements.


Finally, always consider the warranty of a GPS unit. Look for how long the warranty is available for. Be sure to search for what is covered within that warranty. Is water damage included? Does it include dropping the unit? Most manufacturers will have twelve months warranty. However, you will often be given the option to extend the warranty. If it is not offered, call the company who created your GPS unit. Ask them about the cost of this.

In this article, we have seen that durability, accuracy, size, battery life and warranty are what to look out for when choosing a vehicle GPS navigation unit.

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Posted on May 22, 2023