5 Best Video Conference Apps for Teamwork

A reliable and easy-to-use video conference and meeting application is essential when coordinating with your clients or working with your remote workmates. Video conference hosting saves you time and gives you the ability to avoid broken up audio and video, lagging downloads, dropped calls, stream lags, irritating plugins, or other annoying technical issues.

We have tried some consumer-favorite meeting and video conference applications and come up with a list of the 5 best video conference apps for teamwork.

  1. Join.me

Join.me provides all the fundamental aspects one may be interested in an exciting and lightweight package. It allows calls to telephones or VoIP to numbers in over forty countries to all the attendees making it the unsurpassed simple resolution for international teams. It offers a varied range of options such as recording the meeting proceedings, transferring files, joining using your ideal mobile device, changing presenters with ease, and sharing your screen. It is very easy to use and requires very little time for setting up a meeting and connecting with colleagues. It does not have awkward downloads or any technical embarrassments. They provide two types of pricing: a free Basic plan for instant screen sharing and up to ten participants and the Pro/ Enterprise Plans which will cater to 250 attendees. Plus, the pro plan has advanced features such as recording, Outlook, Google Calendar plugins, reporting tools, and en suite cloud storage.

  1. Onstream Meetings

This type of application is best for video conference, video conference hosting, and web conference since it provides a number of great features such as document sharing, screen sharing, shared controls, group or private chats, collaborative whiteboard, and polling. The Onstream is exceptional in that it can accommodate to up to 1,000 attendees, thus making it preferable for companies with more than 250. The screen top has a toolbar that makes features like polling, screen sharing, file sharing, and drawing tools manageable. One can conveniently make documents accessible for download and send files to selected or all attendees at the end of the meeting. The Onstream app is unique in that one can edit the session recordings.  Also, it can add chapter markers or highlight critical discussions giving viewers the privilege of only going to the relevant points. The Onstream app pricing starts at $49 per month in a single subscription.

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  1. Zoom

Zoom is indubitably among the top available video meeting apps in today’s market. It has superlative features such as HD video conferencing, recording features, screen sharing from mobile or desktop, and the aptitude to select gallery views or full screen for video streams. With the Zoom app, one can use multiple monitors and select different points of view. The Zoom app can brag of its capacity to send group images, audio files, and texts during meetings. Additionally, it has the capability to connect meetings from mobile via cellular networks or wifi making it an excellent choice for teams that closely work with each other. Their package for the free version comprises of up to 25 individuals with an infinite number of meetings lasting up to forty minutes per session while the paid plan is for up to 200 individuals, inclusive of the advanced features and starts at $10 per month for unlimited calls and meeting durations.

  1. ReadyTalk

It offers distinctive features for video conference, video conference hosting, web conference, and webinar tools. It features controls that make it easy for participants to participate actively in the discussion. It can simultaneously stream up to four video feeds and take advantage of the interactive polling feature for making decisions instantly. The ReadyTalk app can conveniently incorporate Outlook, Marketo, Google Calendar, Salesforce and other trendy tools. The ReadyTalk app can provide a customer care representative on request to offer technical assistance. Hence, one will have all the time and attention geared towards the meeting proceedings. Their packages start at 24 US dollars for ten participants, 34 US dollars for 25 participants, and 59 US dollars for 100 participants.

  1. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting provides an excellent solution for virtual meetings and video conferencing. It offers superior features such personalized meeting URLS, screen sharing, HD-quality videos, and the capability of connecting to sessions through mobile or desktop. It has the whiteboard feature that gives the team ability to collaborate in highlighting and interpreting the presenter’s screen. GoToMeeting is convenient for global teams since it provides international toll-free numbers and translated control setting options. With this type of app, one can have multiple hosts in a single meeting by easily changing the presenters. The GoToMeeting provides a free package for three attendees; there is a Pro version priced at $39 per month for 25 participants per organizer, and the Plus version costs $56 per month for up to hundred participants per organizer.

With the apps listed above for best video conference hosting and web conference apps, you will take your meetings to the next level without hassles. These applications with their technical support will amicably provide a solution to your virtual meetings.  

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Posted on May 22, 2023