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  • a woman is urticaria on back

    All-Natural Hives Remedies

    Hives appear as red, raised, and itchy patches of spots on the skin. The primary cause of hives is attributed to the immune system releasing the hormone known as histamine. The immune system normally secretes histamine as a way to protect the body against a potential pathogen. Most people...
  • Antihistamines for Hives Relief

    Antihistamines for Hives Relief

    Hives, also referred to as urticaria, is a common condition that presents itself with red, bumpy, and itchy spots, affecting over 20% of the population. Hives rashes appear and go away, then reappear in different parts of the body. Many things lead to the appearance of hives, but the...
  • Hives - Printed Diagnosis on Grey Background.

    5 Surprising Hives Causes

    Hives breakouts can be such a pain; they cause revolting red bumps that get itchy like it is nobody’s business, and the cherry on top of this cake no one would ever want a slice of, you can’t even identify what may have brought them on. Also known by...
  • Baking soda being used to relieve itching from insect bites.

    Relieving Hives Itching

    Hives are a highly prevalent condition characterized by clusters or patches of red, inflamed, raised, and itchy spots. Hives typically appear due to contact with or exposure to an allergen such as a medication, food, insect bite, dust mites, and pollen. In addition, anything that has an impact on...
  • Doctor making allergy test in laboratory

    Potential Causes of Hives

    Hives are a considerably prevalent skin condition that is characterized by breakouts of irritated, bumpy, and itchy spots that look similar to patches of insect bites. In patients with mild symptoms, hives typically form in small sections of the body with moderate itching. On the other hand, in individuals...
  • Using Benadryl to Treat Hives

    Using Benadryl to Treat Hives

    Hives typically form on an individual’s skin due to an allergic reaction. Hives can affect any part of the body, appearing as red, raised, and extremely itchy spots. Thankfully, there is an effective option to relieve hives: Benadryl. Benadryl contains diphenhydramine which works by inhibiting the release of the...