The Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Generally, Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible brain disorder that progressively interferes with a person’s memory and thinking capabilities.

The disease affects people differently. Here are some the common early signs you need to watch for.

Difficulty in handling and completing daily tasks

Are you having problems in completing tasks and assignments you are normally familiar with? Normally, people with Alzheimer’s disease face difficulty in completing common tasks either at work or at home. You may experience problems driving to familiar destinations, difficulty in recording a T.V show, setting microwave temperatures, managing your own budget or remembering the rules of your favorite game.

Changes in mood and personality

Alzheimer’s disease can easily upset you, especially when you are away from home or family members. This is usually caused by suspicion, depression, anxiety or confusion.

Avoiding social activities and work

Normally, the disease can make you lose interest in your hobbies or interacting with your friends. You may find it difficult to handle your assignments or totally lose interest in following the scores of your favorite team.

Temporary Memory Loss

Partial or temporary memory loss is very common with Alzheimer’s disease. Most people suffering from Alzheimer’s experience difficulty in keeping track of events or functions that are not happening immediately.

Most patients find themselves forgetting recently learned information like events, important dates or appointments and then remembers them later. Usually, they have to keep on relying on the user manual to operate devices such as Television Sets or seeking guidance from other family members. The memory loss can go to the extent of losing track of seasons and time or even forgetting the name of your current location.

Difficulty in solving problems or following a set work plan

Are you experiencing difficulty in solving simple mathematical problems or calculating your monthly bills? This could be another early sign for the approach of the disease. In most cases, you find yourself taking longer periods to handle the problems. Also, you may find it a hard to follow work plans like recipes.

Misplacing things

Misplacing things is another common early signs of the disease. You may find yourself occasionally accusing people for stealing things that you have put in unusual places. These may include things like a pair of glasses, remote control or your cell phone. Normally, you face difficulties trying to retrace them.

Vision Problems

Problems with identification of contrasts and colors, judging distances, or difficulty in reading clear texts or statements may also be an early sign of Alzheimer’s. The vision problem can result to poor driving.

Poor Judgment

Decreased or poor judgment which leads to poor decision making, especially when dealing with monetary issues like giving out large amounts of money to telemarketers. Some people pay less attention to their personal grooming and keeping themselves tidy.

Difficulty in Conversation

At times, you may find yourself repeating the same stories time and again. People suffering from Alzheimer’s face problems in following or joining a conversation, both spoken and handwritten. They experience vocabulary challenges like calling things by the wrong name and may stop in the middle of a conversation due to lack of knowledge on how to continue it.

Sourced from: WebMD

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Posted on May 22, 2023