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Wagepoint is a fast, smart and simplified online payroll service for small business application that enables employers and payroll managers in any organization to manage the salaries and wages of their employees and other stakeholders such as suppliers. This computer software is very ideal for small businesses mainly in North America that is the United States (US) and Canada. The application enables employers in any given firm to manage process and pay both hourly and salaried employees quickly and easily. Businesses that deal with contractors also find it very ideal to use this payroll computer software.

Ideal for Payroll Service for Small Business

Because Wagepoint is a cloud based software, it can be used by sole proprietors, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and other startup business operators to manage their payroll from anywhere in North America right from their internet connected device. The number of employees, suppliers or other contractors of the firm that is using Wagepoint can vary from 10 to 100 depending on the operation of the firm. Wagepoint also gives SME and other small business owners a 30 day free trial.

Overall Rating

Wagepoint is rated a five out of five stars, meaning that it is widely used and trusted by almost all the users. Overall rating is derived from feedback that analysts get through surveys, questionnaires, and comments from Wagepoint users.

Ease of Use

Rated a five out of five stars, employers and other business owners who have used it have found it to be very easy to use. This is due to Wagepoint being operated, managed and controlled by a team of certified computer software analysts and operators who are very experienced.

Customer Service

Wagepoint rates a five out of five stars in customer service, meaning that the web-based operators ensure that all their clients who use this application are satisfied. They do this by giving new clients a one-month free trial where they encourage the business owners to enroll all their employees either hourly or salaried. In addition, contractors’ details with their billed time and their system comes out with the amount that each employee or contractor is supposed to get paid.

Starting price

After the one month free trial that is given to every new business owner, Wagepoint customers get to enjoy the benefits of automated and quick payroll at a very competitive and affordable price. The total charge includes every amount that a business owner is supposed to pay an employee or a contractor. This is done by a simple plan where the charge starts from USD 20 for base fee and an addition of USD 2 per employee or contractor per day. This means that if a firm has 40 employees, it will pay the base fee of USD 20 and USD 80 which amounts to USD 100 per day.

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All Wagepoint clients are taken through online training on how to handle this payroll software and detect any irregularities so as to report them to the support team. The training is done through documentation where there is a comprehensive outline of how the application works. It is also done online through live chats, line customer support and it is lastly done in person where a wagepoint representative or customer care visits the businesses or employers in person and conducts the training.

Customer Support

Customer support operates 24/7 all year round. It is done by certified customer care representatives who have knowledge of both public relations and technicalities that may be accessed by any client filing a complaint.

More about Wagepoint

This cloud supported payroll management software is friendly, fast and simple. It is specifically built for small business payroll systems and other SMEs with busy working schedules who want their employees’ and contractors’ working times well supervised for maximum output. It is backed by fastest internet connectivity and friendly customer care team to enhance productivity.

Workpoint Feature

This application includes simple features such as online pay stubs, direct deposit, end of the year reporting and compiling and tax filing. Tax filing is specifically tailored to suit all business owners in both countries that are US and Canada.

payroll service for small business, small business payroll, payroll software

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Wagepoint online payroll software has simple specifications where the cost is competitive and very affordable. It has a wide variety of specifications involving small businesses and startups.

Different Plans

Different plans such as hourly and weekly payments. Those employers who pay their workers and other contractors on hourly or weekly basis have their the cost calculated in the best way possible so as to take into consideration the tax filling of each and every employee and contractor. Those business owners with employees and contractors in countries, their tax and respective minimum wage are taken care of so as to reflect the labour laws of the country or specific state.


Discounting is done in a way that favours all Workpoint clients. Those business owners who have a large number of employees and contractors usually get discounted rates. Those who have been adhering to Workpoint regulations are also offered discounts as per the specification. Workpoint payroll owners also have seasonal offers like during summer holidays.


The Workpoint small business payroll application, being a cloud-based payroll management software has a number of advantages that business owners, SMEs and other clients can benefit from. From the comments that Workpoint gets from its clients, it is able to sample some of which are: ease to use, outlines all information needed by all clients, well organized, the automated reporting and tax remittance is approved by government regulators.


It involves zero integration that is not understood by all clients thus limiting some from operating it well.

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Posted on May 22, 2023