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  • how-to-make-splitting-your-finances-as-a-couple-easier

    How to Make Splitting Finances for Couples Easier

    One of the most common reasons why couples who are either living together or married fight these days are issues related to money. This has been like a tradition among them, as one can always be a spender and the other a saver. Every couple wants to know how...
  • how-you-can-cut-your-cable-bill

    How You Can Cut Your Cable Bill

    If you’ve found that your cable bill has suddenly blown through the roof, or if the price you originally signed up to pay has become too much, of if you simply want to cut costs on your cable bill, take a look at these tips. Some of these have...
  • business-expenses (Copy)

    How Can You Claim Your Business Expenses?

    It is unavoidable for most businesses to incur costs while generating income. Most of these expenses can be deducted from the business’s income to arrive at the net profit or taxable income, hence the question, how can you claim your business expenses? The tax you pay is calculated based...
  • new-site-smartphone-plan

    Find The Best Cell Phone Plan For You

    About a decade ago, choosing a favorable mobile phone plan was not the daunting task it is today. Just considering the main factors such as price, the number of minutes of talk time you required and the call reception quality were enough. However, there are just a heap of...