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    Your Small Business and Credit Card Processing

    Opening a merchant account with a credit card processing company allows your small business to diversify payment options for customers. The electronics age is here to stay, and the very fact that the majority of consumers now use plastic cards to make purchases is reason enough to equip your...
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    Top Benefits of Small Business Credit Cards

    One of the major concerns for those who have small businesses or who are just starting up with a business is financing. In the past, it was obligatory to come up with a significant amount of cash that will be sufficient as working capital to put up a business...
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    Merchant Credit Card Processing Services

    What exactly is a merchant services account? It is basically a type of bank account which allows different business parties to accept payment via debit and credit cards.  These payments take place in two phases: 1) Authorization 2) Settlement. Authorization is two-way process where firstly; an order is placed by...
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    Top 5 Credit Cards for Small Business

    So, you have finally made the decision to bite the bullet and start your own business. It’s a huge leap into a relatively unknown territory. As you may guess, running your own business efficiently is not only about the passion you have for the work you do. In fact,...
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    A Small Business Credit Card Application Guide

    Getting a credit card for your small business can be the best thing you can do for your accounting department. There are many things, both good and bad, that you should know about small business credit before you fill out a small business credit card application. For example, you...
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    A Guide to Business Credit Cards

    Business credit cards are made specifically for owners of businesses and their workers. They have a high credit limit to help them to pay for their new equipment and inventory, and they can be paid back over a period of time. It is convenient for the business owner to...