The Best Mental Illness Screener: LADS

Mental health is as important as any other aspect of well-being. However, many people tend to disregard this fact. Depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are the most common disorders. With the creation of a new screening tool, you will be able to detect disorders early enough and take the required measures.

Below are certain mental illnesses screened by new tool, which is called the Life Adversities Screener (LADS).

Depression is common in many people and may be due to various reasons. Different life activities may bring about depression even without you noticing. Prolonged moments of stress can easily lead to depression. If detected early enough, you can receive treatment and be well again. However, for that to happen, it’s highly recommended that you use a depression screen. LADS is the perfect tool to use for detecting the disorder.

Another highly common mental illness is anxiety. Being anxious for one reason or another is a normal but its effect may affect your day to day life. It may be due to fear or excitement from expectations. Your productivity may go low for that matter. It brings a feeling of fear and worry that does not work out well for an individual. Being in the right mental shape gives you the ultimate strength to work.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is also a major mental illness. Traumatizing life events cause PTSD — many such events include car accidents, sexual abuse, or violence. In this case, the patient gets troubled by the events. Life adversities screener can be used on the patient to check on the status of their mental health. Some of the experiences are termed horrible and terrifying with many leaving you upset and frightened.

Bipolar disorder is also common among many people. These are individuals who have extreme mood swings and shifts in energy. To understand your working environment better and ascertain if it is the best for you, you can use the work health survey screen that will help you to know of the mental health in your work place.

Many young people have behavior changes that are related to age and growth. They require a lot of attention with the change in emotions. For those who may feel like they are imagining things that are not real by either seeing or hearing, they need a psychosis screen. An examination is carried out and one need not to be under the influence of alcohol or any drug for that matter.

The existence of LADS can be helpful for cases in depression, anxiety, PTSD and other disorders like substance use disorder, pedophilic disorder,and specific learning disorder. In case you find symptoms of any mental illness, do not hesitate to take a screen test. It is fast, easy and fairly inexpensive.

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Posted on May 22, 2023