How To Expand Your iPhone Storage

IPhones nowadays are not as demanded by the general public as they were. One of the enhanced features that we now want from iPhones mainly is storage space. We buy iPhones not simply to call family and friends but download apps then play them. Most people download close to 10 apps for entertainment however what’s the point in cases where you cannot manage all these apps in the phone storage? From the articles I’ve read, there exist various ways to increase  the total amount of storage space for iPhones without having to purchase larger storage capacity.

The first way should be to utilize flash drives as external hard drives for when internal hard drive spaces have been filled. For all who haven’t tried the trick, the simple catch is it requires you buy a maiden piece to be utilized as a connector piece for the flash drive. According to this article, “Flash storage devices such as the $60 Leef iBridge may plug right into your own Lightning port plus instantly boost your IPhone’s storage.” There are various choices in flash-drives that you may use but some may cost more compared to the other based largely on the storage size. The other catch here is that one will have to have the flash drive everywhere with them to always have easy access to the info stored.

Another way which one will need to have always on hand is wireless hard drives. Since they correlate easily to the phone size, they are portable to have around and also simple to use. An article states clearly, “By connecting them effectively to a similar Wi-Fi network, your phone can sync with wireless storage devices in your purse or pocket.” It’s a possibility normally for wireless hard drives to increase also the battery lifespan. Depending on what one buys, the hard drive could drain less battery power since it only stores app and music. The option itself basically is better from flash drive options since you wouldn’t be required to buy both pieces and there may be no need then for cords.

The two options that I will state are very similar since they put together the same method. In case you do not feel the urge to carry flash drives or wireless hard drives around, you always can put the folders onto network storage devices. The beauty about such an option is that one can access the folders from anywhere as the devices are at home. The report considered the technique to be the personal cloud for users to store their information. This alternative mainly is used for situations where the users cannot store heavily large amounts of info onto their IPhones. The alternative then is when its users store folders on company clouds. As for individuals who own iPhones are already well aware of the numerous capabilities they get from Apple iCloud. There’re other clouds such as Google Drive or Dropbox the users could store or use files.

Now the final alternative is cleaning any phone through apps. According to the report, “If you use applications such as the DU Speed booster for Android or Phone Clean for iPhones, one can clear out all unnecessary files which accumulate on one’s phone.” It’s something which even I possibly would not do because sometimes there exist files which you may need for their future. The single reason I may consider the choices to be better compared to the other alternatives mainly is that the applications are free.

Sourced from: cnnmoney

Photo source: macdigger

Posted on May 22, 2023