Atopic Eczema Treatments

atopic eczema treatments

Treatment for atopic dermatitis depends on the type and severity of the rash you have. Most mild cases can be treated from the comfort of your own home with moisturizers, especially skin barrier repair moisturizers. Most of the time, with preventative care included, the rash and itching can be controlled and healed within three weeks’ time.

For a serious rash, you will need to seek your doctor for treatment. Serious rash symptoms include:

  • Oozing rash with fluid-filled sores that ooze fluid and will eventually crust over.
  • An itchy, dry, red, and scaly rash.
  • Thickened skin.

For severe rashes, such as the ones above, talk with your doctor about the potential of taking bleach baths and applying wet wraps. Seek medical help as early as possible for greater and faster healing outcomes.

Home Treatment

If the rash is treatable at home and doesn’t require a doctor, you have several options. First and foremost, you must keep your skin hydrated through bathing in warm (not hot) water. Directly after bathing, apply a scented-free moisturizer. Scented or perfumed lotions may further irritate the skin and can make it worse. Avoid soaps that dry the skin and scratchy clothing and bedding at all costs.

Avoid allergens that cause a rash or can make a rash worse such as dust mites, animal dander, and certain foods.

Light Therapy

If home remedies do not work for your atopic dermatitis. Instead of restoring to medications immediately, your doctor may recommend that you seek alternative treatment for healing. Severe atopic dermatitis may be treated by exposing the affected skin to ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) light. Phototherapy uses these forms of light and sometimes it’s recommended to just use one at a time or a combo of both.

The practitioner administering the therapy will decide your course of treatment.

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Posted on May 22, 2023