10 Best Headphones for Running

Running can be made fun and enjoyable with great music. This can be achieved when an individual who is running has the best headphones for running which produce high-quality sound. Great headphones should have quality and efficient features such as a long battery life, durability, and water resistance. Having good headphones that deliver the best quality of sound makes your running more fun and satisfying. The following list comprises of the best headphones for running, with brief details that show why they are among the best options which will help you pick the most convenient headphones for a productive and enjoyable run.

1. Logitech UE 900

Logitech UE 900 is a great pair of wireless headphones reasonably priced at $299.99 due to its excellent features and performance. The 16 grams unit is available in blue and is among the most powerful headphones. It includes a moderately high bass which adds to its superb performance. It also offers excellent sound quality as well as accessories for your running, which justify its price.

2. Atomic Floyd SuperDarts

The Atomic Floyd SuperDarts are great wireless in-ear headphones with a price tag of $260.15. The headphones are very light with a weight of 5.6 grams with a sleek V-shaped design. They are available in 2 color options: red and black. The headphones offer fantastic, super-crisp bass highs. Their overall quality is excellent which makes them one of the best headphones for running.

3. Audio-Technica (ATH-CKX9iS SonicFuel)

These wireless headphones are priced at $66 and are available in two color options which are black and silver. They weigh only 10 grams, which makes them ideal for running. SonicFuel was built based on the in-ear security with adequate bass to get by. Despite its single button controls which may be annoying, its powerful bass adjustment makes it produce a powerful audio that fuels your motivation while running.

4. AKG K391 NC

These wireless headphones with a relatively higher price of $199.95 weigh no more than 8 grams and are available in black and silver colors. The AKG headphones have a secure, in-canal technology for noise-canceling. The headphones offer a strong sound signature which is devoid of distortion. It also features a powerful bass response and a convenient USB charging, which makes these headphones perfect for running.

5. Sennheiser CX 275s

The 15 grams wireless headphones have an affordable price of $39.33 and are available in black. Their sound may, at times, be shallow and unimpressive, but these headphones are known for their impressive bass response. On top of being affordable, they are also securely designed which makes them one of the best headphones for running.

Source: Thinkstock/Purestock

Source: Thinkstock/Purestock

6. Jabra Sport Coach

These wireless headphones are priced at $128.99 with a weight of 16 grams. They are available in several color options, including blue, gray, red, and yellow. The Coach provides runners with a powerful Bluetooth connection and fitness tracking functionality. The power of the bass is relatively lower compared to the other headphones, but they offer an all-around robust and exercise-based functionality.

7. Phiaton MODERNA MS 200

Phiaton MODERNA MS 200 are great wireless headphones for running with a price of $82.52. Their weight is only 5.6 grams; they are available in black and red. They have a powerful bass response with perfect clarity and no distortion, even at volumes that are too high and thumping. The clean sound makes them very popular among many runners.

8. Plantronics BackBeat Go 2

Plantronics wireless headphones are 14 grams in weight and are priced at $44.12. They are available in 2 colors, either black or white. This headset features a case that has built-in battery meant for mobile charging which compensates for its short life battery. Most runners love it due to the perfect Bluetooth connection, sublime sound quality, and robust bass performance.

9. Klipsch S4i Rugged

Klipsch is a great wireless headset with a price tag of $78 and a weight of 14.7 grams. They are available in red, orange, yellow, and blue. It is an excellent mid-range set suited for outdoor activities and sports. Their sporty look, quality of sound, and user-friendly nature make them attractive and convenient for running.

10. Yurbuds Leap Wireless

Yurbuds cost $100 and have a weight of 17.2 grams, which are only available in black. The wireless set features a secure fit and audio quality that is desired by many. These headphones are washable and also come with removable tips, making them both unique and convenient for runners.

Listening to music in high quality is an easy way to make your run much more fun and bearable. Acquiring one of the headsets above will enable you to have a great run while listening to your motivational playlists. Their great features and reasonable pricing make them entirely worth a try.

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Posted on May 22, 2023