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Bacterial Meningitis

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    Meningitis Causes

    Bacterial meningitis is the most dangerous and potentially deadly form of meningitis. It occurs when bacteria enter the blood stream and migrate to the brain or spinal cord. If it is not detected and treated quickly, serious complications or even death can occur. Risk Factors There are some people...
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    Meningitis Symptoms

    Meningitis is the inflammation of your membranes that surround your brain and spinal cord. In the U.S., most cases of meningitis are caused by viral infections, but bacterial infections can also lead to meningitis. Depending on the severity of the infection, meningitis can get better on its own in...
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    Meningitis occurs when the membranes surrounding your brain and spinal cord become inflamed. The swelling that results is usually what causes the most well-known symptoms of the condition: headache, fever, and stiff neck. Depending on the cause of the infection that triggers meningitis, it can either get better on its...
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    Bacterial vs. Viral: Know The Differenct Kinds Of Meningitis

    Meningitis is an infectious disease characterized by inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. It is this swelling of the meninges that causes the symptoms associated with the condition: headaches, fever, stiff neck, etc. Depending on the cause of the infection, the condition may get better...