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    Killer Cover Letter For A Job

    Your cover letter is your first and often only chance to impress a prospective employer. Employers see cover letters before resumes, and if your cover letter isn’t a page-turner, your resume may never have a chance to impress. Fortunately, there is an easy way you can write a killer...
  • Two surprised students learning in library on laptop

    Top 5 Mistakes While Creating A Resume

    The majority of hiring managers spend less than one minute reviewing resumes. It has become more important than ever to create a well-organized and well-crafted resume to hold the attention of any reviewer, especially during a tough job market. By recognizing the top mistakes made when writing a resume,...
  • close up of a resumé or cv document with blue duotone effect

    5 Formatting Essential Tips For Your Resume

    Although there are many factors that contribute to your ability to attain the job of your dreams, creating and distributing a high quality resume is particularly important. Why? Because the document functions as tangible evidence that you can effectively summarize and present important data, two tasks that are integral...
  • avoid-using-outdated-resume-tips

    Avoid Using Outdated Resume Tips

    While there are several factors that contribute to the creation of an excellent resume, contemporary formatting rules can be particularly important to show that candidates are up-to-date on current business practices. Many employers could interpret the submission of an outdated resume as a sign that the job candidate does...
  • 5-ways-to-master-edit-your-resume

    5 Ways To Master Edit Your Resume

    Chances are you were required to create a resume in one of your high school or college classes, but you’ve most likely gained more experience and recognition since then, so your old one is sure to be out of date. When you sit down to create a new one,...
  • how-to-proofread-your-resume-to-perfection

    How To Proofread Your Resume To Perfection

    We all know how important it is to ensure that the final draft of your resume is perfect. This is an area that can’t afford to be overlooked by anyone. Believe it or not, it is not uncommon to find several mistakes while proofreading your resume the first time. After you have reviewed...