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Paracelsus Recovery for Depression

Each day, many people experience a myriad of emotions – from joy to sorrow. However, some people experience feelings like grief and sadness for extended spells. When these spells of intense sadness last for several weeks, they can make the individual feel worthless and helpless. Medical experts term this condition as clinical depression. Before we talk about Paracelsus Recovery for depression, we need to know what depression really is.

What Symptoms Do People Suffering from Depression Usually Exhibit?

Many people visit Paracelsus Recovery for depression treatment programs. The experts at this facility consider patients to be suffering from depression if the symptoms listed below are present for at least two weeks.

• Feeling tired or devoid of energy each day

• Feeling worthless or guilty each day

• Inability to focus or remember details

• Feeling depressed for most of the day

• Inability to sleep or excessive sleeping

• Feeling restless or slowed down, and

• The loss or gain of weight

Why Do People Visit Paracelsus Recovery for Depression Treatment?

Paracelsus Recovery offers a comprehensive and intensive treatment program for depression. Their mental health experts believe in treating one client at a time. Their extensive program involves:

• Identifying the underlying causes of depression – including the physical, psychological, spiritual, social, medical, and biochemical causes

• Having specialists perform a comprehensive biochemical analysis and lifestyle & nutritional assessment to identify deficits and imbalances

• Treating the imbalances and deficits identified with individualized formulations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, micro-nutrients, etc.

• Ensuring that the diet and formulations given to the client do not cause or aggravate food intolerance, chronic inflammations, etc. as impaired gut health can exacerbate depression

• Utilizing various psycho-therapeutic methods (including 1:1 therapy and counselling sessions) daily for processing the depression

• Providing a healthy and balanced diet courtesy of the client’s personal chef based on advice given by the nutritionist

• Instructing clients in the use of relaxation techniques such as meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga, Tai-Chi, etc.

• Capitalizing on other complementary therapies (including acupuncture, massages, reflexology, etc.) to help the client relax and stay calm

• Placing due emphasis on fitness training and other physical activities to help the client become fit

• Working in tandem with the client to discover various meaningful activities and hobbies for rekindling an interest in various every day activities necessary for keeping depression at bay

• Providing seven-star service (including a luxury residence, personal limousine with driver, etc.) to make the client’s stay as comfortable as possible, and

• Prescribing medication and antidepressants tailored to suit the client as a last resort

The quality of services and care offered have made depressive patients visit Paracelsus Recovery for depression treatment. Unlike other depression treatment centers, the experts at this center do not only treat the symptoms of depression. Instead, they focus on identifying and treating all the underlying reasons for the depression as well.

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