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Hernia: An Overview

Understanding a Hernia

A hernia is a displaced organ protruding through the wall of its container. They are most common in the abdomen area. There are various types of hernias, some more common than others depending on genders. There are umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia, femoral hernia and hiatal hernia.

Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of a hernia, hernias can be caused by a wide range of physical activities. Lifting heavy objects and overexertion are two very common ways a person can develop a hernia. Also at the top of the list of causes are constipation and chronic straining to make a bowel movement. Any other physical movement that applies extra amounts of pressure to the belly area is a possible culprit in the development of a hernia. Poor nutrition and smoking are also possible causes of hernias.

Hernia symptoms are difficult to identify in their earliest stages. Some people may complain of increased discomfort in the affected area but it is often hard to distinguish that pain from other problems in the abdomen area. The pain may increase when you stand up or strain to lift a heavy object. Eventually, the hernia usually shows itself as a painful bump. Hernia bulges are generally painful and unpleasant. In rare cases, hernias can require emergency surgery.

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