• In exchange for a Egg Nog Latte at Starbucks I agree to drop my brother-in-law Jimmy at the rental car place the day after Christmas.  They definitely did not have their "A - Team" working today.

    5 Key Points To Saving Money On Rental Vehicles

    Car rental is a great way of having convenient transportation that will help you get from place to place especially during travels far from home. If you are at another state or country, car rental always comes through for you. However, car rental can be a costly affair too....
  • new-site-top-5-minivans

    The Top 5 Minivans With Style

    Step aside, soccer moms. The minivan has taken on a whole new look that can appeal to everyone —  its sleekness is such that you won’t have to worry about it cramping your style anymore. But not only are they stylish now, minivans are still the practical and trusty...
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    The Top 5 New SUVs

    Are you looking for that extra space and comfort? Well, an SUV is the solution to your problems. Considering the fact that the SUV is a sports utility vehicle, it’s also the perfect size that best suits your family when you are planning to travel. You can always load...
  • new-site The 10 Best Hybrid Cars

    The 10 Best Hybrid Cars

    Ford C-Max Hybrids lists the features of the vehicles that offer the best combination of value, efficiency and overall appeal. This is the third year in a row the C-MAX line has made the list, and as always, the honor is well deserved A Long Time Coming While Ford’s...
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