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    2016 Safest Cars

    Every year, new cars are released, and people want to purchase the latest and greatest models. But before you go buy a new vehicle, make sure it’s as safe as possible. Here are five of the top safest cars of 2016. Each of these cars is also included in...
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    10 Best Cars For Moms

    From the after-school activities to the family vacations and college move-in day, a mom’s car has a lot of things to handle. Fortunately for the today’s moms, there are a wide range of options for safe, reliable and versatile cars for moms. Source : As a result, mother...
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    10 Best Family Vehicles of 2016

    It is true that family vehicles have changed from what they used to be. However, family has also changed from what it used to be. The unprecedented diversity of the family car nowadays is an interesting thing. Making a pick that is appropriate for the conveyance of one’s family unit...
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    Top 10 Most Affordable 3 Row Vehicles

    Not everyone requires an SUV with 3 rows of seating. However for people who do it is important to find out whether the final set of the accommodations is the adult-friendly or whether they’re better suited to a younger crowd. Given the fact that 3-row SUVs mostly deliver extra...
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    10 Best Minivans For 2016

    At the end of the day, the Honda Odyssey 2016 model was indeed one of the best choices. However, it wasn’t a slam dunk for the company’s venerable family hauler. Whereas no Odyssey customer will ever be unhappy with their selection, they would do themselves a big harm if...
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    The Top 5 Minivans With Style

    Step aside, soccer moms. The minivan has taken on a whole new look that can appeal to everyone —  its sleekness is such that you won’t have to worry about it cramping your style anymore. But not only are they stylish now, minivans are still the practical and trusty...
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    Covering Your Classic Car

    When you own a classic car, you have to treat it with extra care. If you take good care of a classic car, it is an investment that will appreciate in value each passing year. One of the most important parts of caring for an antique car is keeping...
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    5 Steps to Finding a Great Midsize Vehicle

    Whether you’re celebrating graduation with a new set of wheels or your old car just isn’t big enough for your growing family’s newest little passenger, here are five useful tips for picking out the perfect new car. 5. Determine Your Budget Trying to pick out a car before figuring...
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    The 5 Best Midsize Luxury Cars of 2017

    5. Cadillac CTS The Cadillac CTS has been a popular favorite for awhile now. The CTS starts at $45,560, which gets you a 268-hp turbo four, but you can upgrade to a 335-hp V6 or even a 420-hp twin-turbo V-6. The base model gets 22mpg city/30mpg highway, but reviewers...
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