What You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Do you have unwanted hair on your face or other place and seeking a more permanent solution? Well, laser hair removal could just be the thing you need. It involves removing hair by exposing it to an intense beam of light, otherwise referred to as a laser.

It is usually preferred compared to other methods of hair removal since it is more lasting. After about two sessions of treatment, you can expect that the area in the regions that were treated will be much thinner and thus not too visible thus taking care of that problem.

Before receiving treatment

The procedure is very intense and may damage your skin and that is why you should put into consideration a number of things. Make sure that before treatment, you stop waxing or plucking off hair from your skin. This is because these methods of hair removal affect the skin, making it sensitive, which may subject it to further damage by the laser beam. Make sure that if you need to get rid of hair, opt for shaving or using hair removal creams that are gentler to the skin.

Also make sure that you stay away from soaps and lotions that may cause an irritation to the skin since the laser beam works on the roots of the hair follicle and any kind of irritation may cause the procedure not to work as well as it should. You should also expect that before getting the procedure started, your hair will be required to be kept short to about 1 millimeter for it to work effectively.

The actual procedure

The laser beam works by focusing on each and every hair follicle for effective removal of hair. The procedure is expected to be quite painless, thus there will be no need of anesthetics although the physician will apply some protective gel on the target area to prevent undue damage to the skin. After the whole process is done, you will be given some soothing cream that will help in protecting your skin from any potential damage and also to reduce the effects of the procedure.

The follow-up

The follow-up is very important so that the skin can be checked for any problems that may have risen from the procedure, though instances are very rare. Also, if you were looking to permanently get rid of hair, then you may need one or two more appointments with your doctor so as to completely get rid of the hair follicles. Expect that the area that was worked on to be a little bit dry and it may flake which should not get you scared since it is a positive sign that the skin is rejuvenating and all should be well in a couple of weeks.

Laser treatment is a good way of getting rid of those hairs that we do not want on our bodies. However, you should check to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure which means that your skin should be in perfect health before and eventually afterwards.

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Posted on May 22, 2023