Weird Things We Watch on YouTube

We all do it. We secretly watch things on Youtube that we would never actually admit to watching. It’s ok – this is a safe place. So what are the ten weirdest videos we like to watch behind closed doors?

  1. Chiropractic Adjustments– If you haven’t started watching chiropractic adjustments on loop, then you’re seriously missing out. The sweet crunch of moving vertebrae is worth watching over and over. Not to mention the relief the patients feel will give you warm and fuzzy feelings inside.
  2. Pimple Popping– We love popping our own (if you say you don’t you’re lying), and we like watching videos of other people popping theirs. The act of it feels so satisfying, and there’s just something equally satisfying about watching complete strangers decimate their own zits. Of course, we would never verbally admit that we’ll spend obscene amounts of time oohing and aahing over it on Youtube.
  3. “Meet the Sloths“- There are just some shows you can’t watch on your tv because they’re so ridiculous, and it would be embarrassing if someone caught you. Meet the Sloths is one of those shows and that’s where Youtube comes in. It’s hilarious, completely ridiculous, and yet still educational. So we sit in our rooms with the door locked staging our own Youtube marathons.
  4. Sports Injuries– Why would anyone want to watch the breaking of bones and dislocating of joints on Youtube? We don’t know, but that moment of injury when your hand flies to your mouth and you go “Ohhh” just keeps you clicking on more sports injuries. The human body is a fascinating thing.
  5. Fat People Falling– So mean, but still so funny. It’s amusing watching anyone fall, but Youtube videos tagged with “fat people falling” have several million views. It doesn’t mean that we want to make fun of people who are overweight, it just means that humans are mean and enjoy watching others fall in embarrassing manners.
  6. Hatchings– Oh Mother Nature, how you fascinate us. Since most of us don’t live on farms and have the chance to witness the magic of hatching, we turn to Youtube to watch baby birds, reptiles, and even fish come into the world. Seeing those small little critter break through their eggs, whether they be hard shell or the soft membranes of water-based creatures, is riveting and fascinating, and that’s why we watch it from behind the comfort of closed doors.
  7. The Things That Scare Us-The scare factor. For some reason, us humans love to watch videos of the things that scare us most. We would never want to run into a monstrous spider or a snake in real life, but we’re much more comfortable watching it through the safety of a computer screen. No matter what it is that we’re scared of, we can handle the fear as long as it’s not in real life.
  8. Car Wrecks– The shock factor. Car wrecks are one of the worst things you can happen upon on the road, or be apart of. They make our stomachs drop, and we bite our inner cheeks in in worry for those involved, but they also interest us. When we watch them through a screen the emotion and worry is taken out of the situation. It’s just a car flipping, rolling, and falling apart on the road, and that’s pretty fun to watch happen.
  9. Tutorials– It doesn’t even matter if it’s a tutorial we really intend to put into practice. We love watching others show and tell us how to do something. Dance tutorials are a huge draw on Youtube currently because we all have those dreams of totally slaying it on the dance floor. Can we mimic those moves? Probably not. Are we going to try? Absolutely. Video game tutorials and cooking tutorials are also extremely easy to watch for hours on end.
  10. Fail Compilations– Watching a compilation of complete strangers try to do something, anything, and completely miss the mark is easily one the most entertaining things to watch on Youtube. It can be a cooking fail, a dance fail, or a neat trick gone horribly wrong, and you are guaranteed to watch for hours on end laughing from start to finish.

Featured Image Source: Depositphotos/© ttatty

Posted on May 22, 2023