Types of Delivery

A variety of types can be used to treat control diabetes. These different types of are in categories based on how quickly they begin working in addition to how long they stay active in the body. There are mainly five delivery options: fast-acting , short-acting , intermediate-acting , long-acting , and premixed .

Type for Your Diabetes

Your practitioner chooses the ideal type of that can meet your medical needs the best, which they determine based on numerous factors, including how your body may respond to the particular form of delivery, your age bracket, your lifestyle choices, and whether you can manage multiple injections daily. Furthermore, the monitoring of your blood sugar levels and goals with regards to your blood sugar levels also factor into your physician’s decision.

Fast-acting Delivery

Fast-acting supplies individuals with their requirements at times of their meals and are typically taken in combination with a type of long-acting . Aspart, Lispro, and Glulisine are all well-known options in the rapid-acting department. All three options take about 30 minutes to take full effect. Lispro and Glulisine are known to hit their peak in terms of lowering blood sugar in the span of 30-90 minutes, whereas Aspart can take 50 minutes maximum. Lispro and Aspart remain in effect for up to 5 hours while the effects of Glulisine last only 1-2 hours.

Short-acting Delivery

Patients use this type during 30-60 minute time window of every meal. Novolin and Velosulin (for pumps) are the two main choices, both of which take effect within about 30-60 minutes. Novolin reaches its glucose-lowering peak in 3-5 hours with its results lasting for about 8 hours, and Velosulin hits its peak in 1-2 hours and remains active in the body for a few hours.

Intermediate-acting Delivery

Usually used for needs for about half the day or overnight, patients take this type of in conjunction with a fast-acting or short-acting type of . NPH is the one brand name available which takes effect in 2 hours but stays in effect for a minimum of 18 hours.

Long-acting Delivery

Long-acting stays in the body for a whole day and may be used along with a fast-acting or short-acting type. glargine, detemir, and degludec are the choices available, and they all begin taking effect within 1-2 hours at the most. degludec is the only one that does not last a whole but instead stays in effect for up to 42 hours.

Premixed Delivery

Administered a few times a day before having a meal, premixed s such as Humulin, Novolin, and Novolog all hit the bloodstream in 15-30 minutes, reach their peak in 1-2 hours, and have effects lasting for a minimum of 14-24 hours depending on the mix.

Planning Your Doses

Follow your physician’s instructions on how and when to use your . The type you use usually sets the time gap between your shots and meal times.

However, individuals typically time their injections by their meal times. A rule of thumb to live by is that you want the to start working at the same time of digestion. Scheduling your injections appropriately is a reliable way to keep blood sugar level plummets at bay.

Long-acting and fast-acting s are the only two types that provide patients with a degree of flexibility with regards to timing their shots. Your mealtimes are insignificant where long-acting is concerned, and you can take rapid-acting after you eat a meal instead of taking it 15 minutes prior to a meal.

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Posted on May 22, 2023