Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis

chronic atopic dermatitis treatment

When one experiences atopic dermatitis, they can sometimes get some relief relying on at-home remedies. Most doctor visits can cost you hundreds of dollars and you only spend all of five minutes with the physician. If you catch it early enough, you can effectively ease your symptoms with at-home strategies.

Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis: Skincare Essentials

A very basic regimen that you carry out multiple times a day is key. Only use one soap and moisturizer that is devoid of perfumes and preservatives. If you use multiple with varied ingredients, this can further irritate the skin, worsening your condition. Healing the skin is key.

The simplest method is bathing and applying a moisturizing emollient (thick ointment or cream) efficiently. Also, you should avoid hot baths or shower as well as skin-irritating towels to dry up. A lukewarm bath with a cupful of bleach can help disinfect your skin if there is extreme inflammation or an infection. 

If you have extremely dry skin, you may want to try to use as little soap as possible. Soap can have a drying effect on the skin as it cleanses away necessary bodily oils. Oatmeal baths are also helpful. Red and inflamed skin can be treated with a 1% hydrocortisone cream (3 times daily). Dab it on the affected areas prior to applying your emollient at bedtime and make sure you wear clothing that covers the skin before bed. That way, the moisture from the emollient absorbs at night.

Once you are done bathing, apply the emollient immediately, and try not to use a rough towel to dry up. 

If your home remedies in combination with an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream do not improve your symptom, you might need to see a doctor. Doctors can prescribe you a stronger steroid to fight the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. It is always good to consult a physician if you feel the condition is rapidly worsening. Do not take any medications without your physician’s approval. 

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Posted on May 22, 2023