How To Take The Best Vacation Photos On Your Smartphone

Taking great photos with your smartphone while you’re on vacation is easier than you think!

Not a lot of people know how to take the best vacation photos with their smartphones. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone. We also all have a Facebook account where we post pictures of our everyday lives. While professional photographers may not like the idea that anyone today can pick up a phone and take a visually pleasing photo, a lot of us have become semi-professional photographers using our smartphones. Unfortunately, not everyone can get taking good quality photos with their smartphone down.

Did you ever notice that your Facebook friend posts better pictures than you do even though you both use the same brand phone? That is because your friend knows the trick to taking the perfect picture. But don’t worry, with our guide, you will be able to post perfect pictures the next time you’re on vacation as well. So, without further delay, let’s get down to the brass tacks.

Phone position

You always need to keep your phone in a horizontal position every time you take a photo with your phone. This might sound simple to you and you may not understand why the position of your phone matters, but keep doing it and you will start to see the difference. Taking pictures horizontally will help you capture a great photo every time. Try this with a beautiful sunset or sunrise.

No Selfie Sticks

This may sound weird to you because they are getting more and more popular every day, but selfie sticks make your face appear larger than it actually is. You need to stay clear of that thing. Photos taken using a selfie stick also looks very artificial. Otherwise, why would so many tourist attraction sites ban the use of selfie sticks? It is a hazard for both your pictures and the environment. Spend your money on a lens or a zoomer instead.

Unorganized background

This is one of the most valuable points in how to take the best vacation photos with your smartphone guide. Trust us, the messier your background is, the better it is going to look on your picture. You also need to find a place where there are a lot of natural colors as it will make your pictures appear better. Do not try to arrange anything in the background because it’ill make the picture appear artificial. Remember that every photo will appear high quality when you keep everything in the background absolutely natural.

Early Morning

You may not know this but early morning is the best time to take pictures. Morning light is not harsh, so if you are on vacation and trying to capture a particular shot, try to wake up early and go to the place before the afternoon sun.

Use The Technology

All the perfect Instagram pictures are re-touched. Yes, actresses look much different in real life. You, too, can use many apps to make your picture appear absolutely perfect.

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Posted on May 22, 2023