Non Drug Treatment for Diabetes Type 2

non drug treatment for diabetes type 2

Are you diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Unfortunately, it is incurable. However, with the right treatment plan—regular work out and a well-balanced diet—all the symptoms will go away and you will have a normal life just like everyone else. You are still prone to some complications in the future, but only if your blood sugar remains at high levels. Complications include issues with the heart or problems with vision. With appropriate non drug treatment for diabetes type 2, these complications are avoidable. 

Non Drug Treatment for Diabetes Type 2 Aims to:

  • Maintain blood sugar at normal levels or as close as possible.
  • Minimize other factors that could give you a higher risk of having complications because of your diabetic condition.
  • Find out if there is any complication as soon as possible. Early detection and right treatment could prevent complications.

Common Non Drug Treatment for Diabetes Type 2

  • Start loving your body by eating healthy food. Having a well-balanced diet will help you improve your blood sugar level. Consult with your dietician for a diabetic type 2 diet plan that will suit your current medical condition. The diet plan should include low-fat and fibre-rich foods with lots of fruits and green fresh vegetables.
  • Shed those extra fats. You should try to lose some weight if your weight is above the normal range. If you are overweight, losing weight will lower your blood sugar level.
  • Move your body! Physical activities bring great benefits to your system. If possible, try to have a half an hour morning walk 5 times a week. Any activities that result in more calories burning, the better. Head to the pool for some early morning swimming or to the park for some late afternoon cycling or jogging. Dancing is also a great option. Any activities that make you sweat are beneficial. Light but regular exercises also improve your heart health.

Normally, patients with diabetes type 2 must follow a specific diet, lose some weight (if your weight is above the normal), and exercise daily. However, if non drug treatment for diabetes type 2 still cannot help you maintain the level of your blood sugar, then your health practitioner will prescribe you medication to help. Normally type 2 diabetes medications are oral medicines. Although, some patients who have diabetes type 2 would need , which is administered through injection. helps maintain blood sugar level and works best when used early, right after they got diagnosed.

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Posted on May 22, 2023