How To Get A Workout In Everyday

Maintaining regularity in your exercise routines can be a difficult thing to do, especially in these times of fast-paced lifestyle. Many try to work out heavily for a few days of the week and forget about the rest of the week. To have a healthy body with firm muscles a daily dose of workout is essential. Start slow, but be steady, because there is a quick way to tone up by exercising regularly and smartly.

  • A steady daily dose of exercise can let you increase your stamina at your own pace. Start with basics; don’t try to overdo it as you might hurt yourself. Always do a little stretching before workouts. Stretching extends your muscle fibers and loosens up your joints. This prevents locked joints and strains. It also ensures that adequate blood reaches the muscle fibers.
  • Start your routine by doing some light aerobics that can help you increase your lung capacity and stamina. Running, brisk walking, dancing, spinning are all different kinds of aerobics and you should choose one to do every day. While running is a great way to build your stamina and see your progress it can sometimes become boring so the key to getting in your cardio daily is to switch it up sometimes. Go to a dance class once a week, or try to learn a routine from a movie or music video! The more fun you have with your workout, the more inclined you will be to get back to it!
  • Once you’ve finished your cardio it’s time to try some exercises that build muscles. These exercises should be muscle specific, so you have to decide which part of your body your want to work on each day. If you are always working on the same exercises you will get bored and unmotivated so try out a different area every day – arms, then stomach, then legs etc. You can try different routines every day, look up YouTube tutorials and videos for some great ideas, for free!
  • You should try and give yourself a reward for getting your workouts in everyday, for example, treat yourself with a pastry or take out at the weekend if you’ve done 5 or more days of a workout. The motivation will help you out greatly. And the reward doesn’t need to be food based – promise yourself that if you workout a certain number of days in the week that you can treat yourself with that shirt or the pair of shoes that caught your eye. You can reward yourself with whatever you think will motivate you most!
  • The last key thing is to set yourself a time limit to get in your workout everyday. If you say to yourself you’ll do it after dinner, the reality is you probably won’t. Studies have shown that if you can workout before work or at the start of your day, not only is your metabolism increased throughout the day, but you are more energized, you start your day with a better mood, and you stop coming up with excuses to miss out on your workout. Getting up an hour earlier seems like a nightmare to some people but once you get used to it you will not even think about it anymore! Try it for 2-3 weeks and you’ll start to see some great improvements in no time!

The great thing about working out regularly is that you can notice the progression in yourself. While you may have started out running for only 5 minutes you will notice in a few weeks that you’ve flown past that and are running for 20 minutes without much effort! This is a reward in itself and once you feel that difference you will find you have a lot more encouragement from yourself!

Sourced from: dugout

Featured Image: Photo by Dion Hinchcliffe/ CC By

Posted on May 22, 2023