Five Ways To Make Your Passwords Secure

Email accounts, social media accounts, financial accounts, all of us have many different accounts and each account needs a password. Have you set up the same and simple password for all of them? It is very dangerous. According to a research, 81% of data leakage are owing to the weak passwords. If you use only one password, hackers could easily crack it and your other accounts data will be lost. To keep our account safe, a strong and unique password is essential. But how can we create a secure password? Here are five useful tips you can follow:

1.Make your password very long. Try to use a mix of different types of characters to make the password more safe, such as capital letters, lower-case letters, numbers and symbols. Hackers could not guess it by themselves. They usually use programs. A bunch of plain words is relatively not easy to be cracked.

2.Don’t reuse your passwords. As mentioned above, it is not safe to use the same password across emails, shopping, and other sites and social media platforms that involve private data. If one of those websites experiences a breach, then you’ve also exposed other sites to the risk of being breached.

3.Don’t use obvious dictionary words or common phrases. Stay away from the same words as others. If your password involves a famous quote or a Bible verse, then it would be insecure because others may use the same one.

4.Don’t save your passwords in your browser. Try to avoid saving your password on computers, especially public devices. Otherwise, others could easily login your accounts and see private info.

5.Use a password manager. Complicated password is safe but difficult to remember. Password manager could help us a lot. It could create unique and strong passwords for each account and all passwords are safely stored and encrypted. People don’t have to remember their passwords because only one master password could solve this problem. There are many password managers such as Dashlane, LastPass and 1Password. Here we won’t make a comparison of these password managers, but it is sure that each of them could greatly increase the protection of your accounts and passwords. Manage your important account passwords intelligently and don’t forget them any longer.

Posted on May 22, 2023