Chronic Eczema Treatment

chronic eczema treatment

Eczema can be tricky to treat. Most of the time, it is caused by an underlying condition, so eliminating the symptoms doesn’t always fix the root problem. Clearing the symptoms can also be a tricky job as it can take multiple rounds of therapy. Home remedies are recommended for mild eczema, and if those don’t help fix the irritation and itching, a visit to your doctor might be necessary.

What Causes Chronic Eczema?

While people usually go straight to clearing up the redness and itching, one must consider what is causing the breakout in the first. Regardless, most people initially worry about the itching as it can be bothersome and annoying on a daily basis. However, getting down to the root of the problem is paramount.

First steps are replacing common lifestyle choices that may be exposing you to irritants. These things include detergents, lotions, certain clothes made of wool or polyester, and certain fragrances. That’s a good first step, which is usually the cheapest and easiest. Next, it would be best to take a look at what you are putting in your body.

Identifying Triggers

Foods can be the culprit behind the inflammation throughout the body, weakening the immune system. In turn, eczema presents itself as inflamed, irritated patches on the skin. The most common allergens among foods that cause these rashes include dairy and gluten. The recommendation is that you try cutting out these foods one at a time for the duration of thirty days while monitoring your eczema. If the rash persists, try cutting out another food but make sure you stick to it.

It is also recommended that you cut out these foods under the supervision of a doctor. Certain topical therapies containing steroids are given by doctors for moderate-to-severe eczema, which may get rid of the symptoms but will not fully and completely address the trigger-induced symptoms. While it may be uncomfortable to try and figure out your triggers, it will ultimately help you manage your condition much more effectively in the long-run.

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Posted on May 22, 2023