Assisted Living Apartments & Personal Care Communities

The decision to move into senior housing is a significant decision, for both seniors and their caregivers alike. As the older adult in your life begins to struggle more with the tasks of daily living, it’s natural to start asking the question, is it time for senior housing? Here are some signs that it might be time to start thinking about senior housing options.

1.Senior housing communities provide residents with opportunities to socialize and try out hobbies. For those who are becoming too isolated living at home, this can help a lot.

2.Forgetfulness can be dangerous for seniors. When you notice advancing signs of memory impairment, it’s time to have a discussion with your loved one and others in their immediate circle. Don’t wait to have this conversation until it’s too late.

3.If you notice signs of neglected hygiene, such as being unwashed or unkempt, it’s time to find out how things are with your loved one, and whether they might be safer and more comfortable in a senior housing community setting.

In assisted living communities, people can enjoy their privacy and freedom and daily needs like bathing and dressing are guaranteed at the same time. There are a great amount of living apartments, so it’s very difficult to choose the right one for you or your loved ones. Here are some tips to help you find a right assisted living facility.

1.Make sure assisted living is the right choice. Senior living includes many other care types such as independent living, memory care, respite care or skilled nursing care. Independent living is suitable for those seniors who are active, healthy and are able to live on their own. If you have no problem with daily tasks like cooking or cleaning, then there is no need to choose the assisted living. In brief, understand your needs first and decide if assisted living is right for you.

2.Visit the community you are considering and ask detailed questions about services provided. Take a look at the environment and talk to residents inside. Try to ask them what they experience and how they feel. Many assisted living housing may have movie theaters, art studios or libraries. Consider what facilities and activities could make you happy. In addition to these aspects, you could also ask some questions.

  • Can I have a pet and my own furniture?
  • Can I have a private bath? Do we have to share an apartment?
  • Can you introduce the details of all the fees, rules and regulations?

3.Locations of assisted living communities. Consider what is your preferred location. Some facilities are near doctors and hospitals, and some are convenient to enjoy shopping and entertainment. In some cases, living near your children and grandchildren seems better. You can often see you family and friends and deal with many issues with their help.

Arya Williams


Posted on May 22, 2023