Top Tips For Healthy Eating In 2016 -

Top Tips For Healthy Eating In 2016


Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted,” What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters … compared to what lies within us.” As children, we are coaxed into eating a multitude of food variants starting from fruits and vegetables, to the mandatory glass of milk, to nuts and berries and sprinkled with portions of poultry and fish.

At school, we are taught the diet pyramid with fruits and vegetables forming the foundations of the unshakeable pyramid while the favourite ice creams and chocolates just adorning the tip of the pyramid. What is it about fruits and vegetables that make them the most important ingredient of any heath regime or diet plan? Let us embark on a journey to find out the Top 10 Tips For Healthy Eating in 2016.

Michael Pollan has so aptly said, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” That says it all. Fruits and vegetables are powerhouses of all the minerals and proteins, not to mention the dietary fibres. A fruit as humble as a banana contains more than 100 calories and almost 3 grams of fibre with a cool 400 odd mg of Potassium. Eating a variety of different fruits and vegetables each day ensures the regular intake of basic minerals and proteins.

Just like a rainbow looks beautiful with the different colours, our diet must also include a variety of food articles. Since there is no ONE food that has it all, we need to expand our food base to encompass different kinds of food. So a little bit of everything is what will constitute healthy eating.

Quite contrary to the belief that carbohydrates are bad for your health, they are responsible for adding more than half of the calories needed to our food. Whole wheat breads and pasta provide the much-needed fibre to the food bulk.

With the ever increasing dependency on air conditioning, the need to drink water and other fluids has been on the decline. Hydration assumes a major role in transportation of nutrients in the body as well as maintaining the body temperature. A minimum of 1.5 litres of water is what the body needs. So drink this for a healthy body.

Another tip is to ensure that the body and mind are subjected to the feel good factor. Depending on your height, hereditary and age; maintenance of body weight enables reduced dependency on medicines with the probability of sickness taking a back seat.

This maintenance of ideal body weight can be enhanced when a dedicated exercise regime is put into place. The secret here is Consistency. So just an enrolment at the nearest health club will not serve the purpose.

Less is beautiful. Believe in this old age saying. Eat less and eat wisely. There is no need of abstinence from any food item, unless medically asked for. The magic word here is “Less”. Follow this and see the magic unfold itself.

Along with eating less, a steady intake of food must be made. Irregular food consumption can give rise to a lot of acidity which isn’t the friendliest disorder to handle.

Get going from the beginning of 2016. Find the balance you have been looking for. It is all within you and for you. So buckle up and make the Top 10 Tips For Healthy Eating 2016 your personal Mantra.

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