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    The 5 Best Business Answering Services

    Every successful business owner understands that customer satisfaction is the key to profitability. Unluckily, reports show that businesses are struggling to offer sufficient customer service regularly. According to Forbes Magazine, more than 70% of consumers in the United States ended a business relationship since they were turned off by...
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    The Downfalls of a Business Phone Service

    Interactive is the buzzword in today’s high-tech business world. With the internet and the resulting wealth of information at their fingertips, modern consumers expect to be able to have their questions answered at nearly all hours of the day or night. That means your business plan must include the...
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    The 5 Best Cloud Business Phone Services

    Choosing a business phone service can be confusing. To help you out, we’ve rounded up five great options for you. Vonage Offers Solutions For The 21st Century Voice Over Internet Protocol is an important development in communication technology and a great fit for small businesses. Vonage VOIP is non-contract,...
  • What-to-Look-for-In-a-Cellular-Business-Phone-Service

    What to Look for In a Cellular Business Phone Service

    Businesses run best on clear communication: whether it is a small business or a massive corporation, employees need to be able to collaborate with each other to finish their projects. When choosing a cellular service provider, the idea is to facilitate communication within the company. How do you make...
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    Why your Company Needs a Business Phone System

    A business phone service can be a great tool for any small business owner who may not yet be large enough to justify the luxury of a receptionist. Trying to decide whether or not a business phone service is worth it? The benefits aren’t just 8-5, they’re 24-7. Using...
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    Cloud Business Phone System: Beginner’s Guide

    When Alexander Graham Bell received his famous patent in 1876, he couldn’t have known how big the telephone¬†would become. The first phones were, after all, directly connected with one another. Thanks to mobility, we’re no longer tied to a landline to talk with someone across the street – or...