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    Finding a Career in Computer Science

    Computer science, simply put, is the study of computers and their function. However, since computers are such diverse tools with a wide range of uses and applications, the field of computer science is also broad. People who choose to study computer science can find themselves specializing in a number...
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    Computer Science Career Paths

    A computer science degree is a broad area of study. Once completed, students will use their computer science degrees in a variety of specialized areas of employment. Each area requires a specific set of skills and background knowledge, and each comes with its own benefits. Software Engineer When organizations...
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    Getting an Artificial Intelligence Degree

    The field of artificial intelligence is a highly specialized concentration within the larger computer science discipline. It is a cross-disciplinary degree program combining components from computer science, philosophy, engineering, and even seemingly outlying subjects such as linguistics or psychology. While the first images that might come to mind when...
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    AI Programs: Where to Go to School

    Undergraduate programs with a specific focus on AI are not as plentiful as graduate degree programs, but opportunities for a variety of degrees exist. Bachelor’s degrees with a computer science or robotics concentration often have an AI component available. Some schools also offer associate degree programs in robotics, meaning...
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    Are Robots Taking Over Our Jobs?

    Imagine going to the mall on a Saturday afternoon. Stepping into your favorite department store, you’re welcomed by a sales clerk you don’t recognize. She doesn’t look familiar, and upon closer inspection, she doesn’t look entirely human. If this scenario seems too out of this world, think again. Robotic...
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    Human Beings Out-Performing Robots On The Assembly Line

    Robots are being replaced by humans, and this doesn’t exactly upset many people. You want to make sure that you are able to follow all of the instructions with owning one of these vehicles. The fact of the matter is that human beings are better at knowing what consumers...