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    What Are Managed IT Security Services?

    This article describes in details Managed IT Security Services, history of Managed Security Service and key categories of managed IT security services. Managed Security Service (MSS) is an efficient way to deal with organization’s information system security needs. The service can be outsourced to security companies that manage other...
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    Network IT Security Overview

    First and foremost, what is a network? In this case, the network in question is a computer network. Simply put, a network is the interconnection of cables and other communications media, connectivity equipment such as switches and routers, electronic devices such as computers, printers, scanners, plotters, etc., for the...
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    5 Reasons Your Business Needs Strong Firewall Network Security

    Hackers are very much aware of all the security loopholes in your system. Therefore, if you lack a strong firewall network security detail, you are exposing your business to numerous threats posed by cyber criminals. Classified business data attracts cyber criminals because this kind of data can be used...
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    What is Network IT Security?

    Network security is a form of securing the data of an organization from the breach of unauthorized personnel. In addition, the organization’s data is kept safe from being altered and misused. As a result, computer security is ensured by the use of software as well as encryption tools, thereby...
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    How Does Network Security Work?

    IT security is a fundamental and mandatory aspect for every organization seeking to protect both its data and network from a myriad of threats among them hacking, stealing and attacking as well. IT security is composed of a number of areas which include: network security, email security, and database...
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    Is Cloud Computing Changing IT Security Management?

    Almost half of North American web users say they have connected their personal devices to corporate networks. 60% of IT professionals also use cloud-based apps in their work. This is a huge number compared to 10 years ago. Considering the number is increasing in both home and work life,...